In the past, whenever Andhra Pradesh was afflicted by any natural calamities, people from all walks of life used to contribute to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

But of late, interest in this form of assistance seems to be dying down judging by the contributions for Srikakulam ravaged by Titli.

The major reason for this can be attributed to the loss of credibility in the Chief Minister.

An administration where the State is facing a fund crunch yet the CM splurges on renovating hi residences, a Finance Minister who opts for a root canal treatment at an exorbitant cost when the same can be availed of at a very economical price back home, a government that sells bonds at unheard of interest rates at a huge loss to the exchequer, the frequent changes of stance by the CM on various issues; all of such issues combined have eroded the credibility of the government.

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Therefore, people are no longer sure that the money they contribute will be used properly.

Why then should they part with their hard-earned money merely so that the CM and his acolytes can make merry? #KhabarLive

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