Expressing anger over the apathy of the authorities concerned, residents of Balramgalli and Kagaziguda localities have complained that frequently overflowing drains and the pathetic condition of the roads have been much inconvenience to everyone passing through these areas.

A resident of Balramgalli district, Babu Singh, said the devotees have to face a lot of problems due to the presence of drain water that routinely overflows right onto the road. He further added that the local leaders and authorities concerned are well aware of the situation in the locality but they failed to solve the problems permanently.

“It is Navrantri Festival time. The devotees have been facing immense problems owing to the overflowing drains.Besides this, there is a lack of cleanliness in our locality though local leaders and au thorities are well aware of the problems but nothing has been done. I want them to at least pay attention to these problems which have become a head ache for us,” Babu Singh complained.

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Residents of Kagaziguda district made similar complaints saying that the cutting of inner roads have caused accidents in the area. They said that some motorists met with accidents due to dug-up roads.Despite this, the authority concerned are not in a mood to visit the localities.

“For the last 25 days we have had to undergo much suffering because of road cuttings in these areas. The roads have been dug into at haphazard locations. The motorists have to ride cautiously to avoid accidents.

“Some motorists have met with accidents, after losing their control over their vehicles while trying to avoid dug up roads. We want the officials concerned to take note of the damaged road and ensure re pair or lay new road in the locality,” said Sashi Kanth, one of the residents of Kagaziguda district.

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The situation turns worse when it rains in these areas.The accumulation of rain water in potholes and overflowing drains add to residents and motorists woes.
The locals urged Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation authorities to take serious note of their problems and give them respite from broken roads and overflowing drains. #KhabarLive

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