Driving can be extremely tiresome, especially in a city like Hyderabad. With traffic that seems to increase by the hour, most people started looking to cab services to avoid driving. The time for cars on hire is in the past now as ‘driver-on-hire’ apps keep popping up on the Playstore.

Be it grocery shopping, relaxed drive back home after a tiresome day at work or a quick 1-day getaway on the weekends, these apps excel in providing qualified drivers for all your needs. Driver-on-hire apps are extremely useful for people who love late-night parties and are in need for a ride back home, but, don’t want to use cabs or local transport.

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Like all other vehicle rental apps, these apps too are user-friendly. Just send in your location and choose the kind of trip you would want to take and the apps will give you an estimated fare and if that is agreeable with you, the driver is allocated within minutes. They also have a real-time tracking feature that enables the user to share their whereabouts with family and friends.

The organisations are particularly careful about whom they choose as safety of the customer and their vehicle is the priority. All the drivers are properly trained and have prior experience in driving around in Hyderabad traffic.

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The DriveU app takes the security of the passengers and the driver one step further with their ‘DriveU Secure’, a feature that will help insure the driver and its passengers from unforeseen mishaps and provide them with an accident and hospitalisation coverage for both the driver and the passengers at a negligible cost of Rs 10.

A few other apps that specialise in the providing drivers on demand include Hopp, Whistle Drive, Uber Driver and Drivezz, among others. #KhabarLive

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