The early elections in Telangasna paving way for ‘Jumping Jeelanis’ in the state, it is now the termed as ‘ayarams and gayarams’ to take a plunge from one party to another.

Stage is now set for the defection of a sitting MP, former MLA and an MLC from Telangana Rashtra Samithi into the Congress party in a couple of days.

Senior leader and Rajya Sabha member D Srinivas, who is virtually pushed to the corner in the TRS following a complaint from the Nizamabad TRS leaders led by KCR’s daughter K Kavitha seeking disciplinary action against him, is going to make a home coming to the Congress party on September 12.

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Along with him, former MLA from Warangal East Konda Surekha and her MLC husband Konda Murali are also taking a plunge into the Congress party.

Similarly, former Chevella MLA K S Ratnam and senior leader from Patancheru Nandeeshwar Goud are also joining the Congress in the presence of AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad, who would be coming to Hyderabad as part of anti-Rafael campaign.

On the other hand, defections from the Congress and the TDP into the TRS are also happening.

Former Uppal MLA Bandari Raji Reddy’s son Bandari Laxma Reddy, former Congress secretary Umesh Rao (nephew of KCR) and even Telangana Jana Samithi leader Jyotsna are likely to join the TRS in a day or two.

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There is a serious talk that former minister and BC leader Mukhesh Goud also might join the TRS shortly.

Former speaker K R Suresh Reddy has already been lured into the TRS a couple of days ago.

Watch out for more updates on more defections from one party to another! #KhabarLive

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