The lack of enough green cover in Hyderabad was made apparent in a satellite image tweeted on Friday, none other than by the European Space Agency (ESA).The image was captured by the Sentinel-2A optical imaging satellite launched by the ESA in 2015 as part of the Copernicus Earth observation programme.

ESA tweeted the picture saying, “In this week’s #EarthFromSpace programme, the #Sentinel2 A satellite takes us over one of the largest metropolitan areas in India, #Hyderabad”. As per the ESA website, the yellow and brown coloured part of the satellite image show the built-up area of the city, the light green coloured portion in the surroundings show arid fields and the dark green patches depict vegetation and areas covered by trees.

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The bright blue colour that one can see along the Musi river, other water bodies and as small patches in different parts of the city, is also vegetation such as parkland and grass.Looking at the satellite image one can understand that most of the city is covered with yellow and brown patches, which is the concretised built-up area.

The ESA website describing the satellite image also mentioned: “While several lakes can be seen in the image, they are gradually being lost.” It also says that the lakes which once numbered in thousands have dwindled in number. They are getting affected by pollution as the city expands and develops.

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The description also mentions: “Even the city’s most famous lake, the heart-shaped Hussainsagar, is blighted with pollution from agricultural and industrial waste.” Images from two identical Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites by ESA carry high-resolution cameras working in 13 spectral bands and images from them can be used to monitor pollution in lakes, changes in vegetation and urban growth.#KhabarLive

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