In Hyderabad, nowadays, a new craze dominates in wedding decoration – Flower Chandlers. This new fashion trend is slowly approaching to all strata weddings across the city function halls, where this can be seen as a mark of good reputation and prestige.

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding. Whether it’s a small or big do, florals always have a starring role in a couple’s big day. And, as trends go, which change with seasons, florals have also undergone many changes.

Lighting fixtures are now being done away with for floral chandeliers. Not only are these hangings romantic, they are also ethereal. While there is really no limit to how many flowers you want on the big day, using them in this manner will definitely make it look otherworldly.

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Right blooms
If drawing attention to the table is your goal, opt for a full and luscious display of flowers with plenty of volume. Think peonies, hydrangea for a big splash and freesias, anemones for a small, intimate weddings.

Rustic appeal
While minimalism may be the norm of the day, if it’s a rustic setting you are going for, go with the idea of more is more. We mean long, flowing green stems and flowers. Hung in a line atop tables, they create a really pretty look and a cosy vibe at that.

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And, there was light
A lot of people like to have candles on the tables which creates a soft glow around the floral arrangement.Think different and incorporate it in the chandelier, hang them upside down in wide-shaped containers.

Go big
In Indian weddings, floral walls have become a staple where guests stop and take pictures next to the arrangement. Why not mix both chandelier and wall together to create a really fanciful floral appeal? #KhabarLive

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