Night owl or not, working the graveyard shift is not an ideal office employees These odd office hours could mess with your health and well-being. But, you can always prevent that from happening by including these habits in your lifestyle.

Food habits
Watch what you eat. Of course, this goes for everybody whether or not they are working in graveyard shift or not, but the ones who keep awake through the night, need to take that extra care.

Try having early and light dinner (it’s better if you can stick to your usual dinner time). And when it comes to snacks, have protein-rich fruit snack bowls. Do not go for processed and packaged foods like chips and biscuits.

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Stay hydrated
Drink lots of water when you are on your night shift. This not only keeps you hydrated, but also provides more oxygen to your brain and keeps it awake.

Download an app which would remind you to drink water on regular intervals. This will help in keeping track of your hydration goals for the night.

Catch up on sleep
Working through the nights doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your sleep entirely. Make sure you get the sleep your body needs before your shift commences.

While you are at it, pull the dark curtain drapes, put your phone in silent, and inform your family/flatmates not to disturb during these precious couple of hours.

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Go walking
Now, sitting for 8 to 9 hours at a stretch is not cool. Take a break and go on short walks for at least 10 minutes. Scheduling these walks around 3 am will work the best for the night shift employees.

These walks would not only help in fighting sleep, but also make you feel alert and refreshed.

Well, all it takes is a little extra discipline for the night shift employees to beat the odds. #KhabarLive

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