The iconic Chatta Bazar in the old city is all set to lose quite a few properties with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) drawing up a plan to widen the narrow road stretch to smoothen traffic issues here. The proposed widening of the road is expected to be taken up from Chatta Bazar to Purani Haveli via City Civil Courts areas in Hyderabad.

Popular for decades old printing press establishments and wedding card outlets, Chatta Bazar has been a one-stop destination for wedding invites and calligraphy works.

The finalising of a date for a marriage, celebration or event involving invites to be sent, usually meant a visit to Chatta Bazar which is dotted with scores of card printers. However, with the vehicular traffic increasing manifold in the last few years, the GHMC has decided to widen the stretch from the existing 40 feet to 60 feet to ease traffic flow.

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There are nearly 300 outlets in the Chatta Bazar and about 160 properties will have to be acquired for widening the stretch. There are two religious structures as well, said a senior official from GHMC.

Already, individual sketches of properties have been prepared and physical marking of structures is nearing completion. Notices have been issued to the affected property owners, he said.

But acquisition of properties is proving to be a challenge for the civic body with elected representatives demanding market value as compensation for the affected properties.

Shopkeepers here have been carrying out their businesses for decades and many others are indirectly dependent on this market for their livelihood. The GHMC should pay market value as compensation for the property owners or look for suitable land for accommodating those, who will be losing their outlets, said Pathergatti Corporator Syed Sohail Quadri.

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However, the municipal corporation is not positive to these demands and maintained that compensation cannot be paid as per market value as it always is on the basis of sub registrar value.

At present, the sub registrar value in the area is about Rs 16,000 per square yard and authorities have assured to pay two times of the prevailing rate and pay Rs 32,000 per square yard, he informed.

The issue has been taken up with the GHMC Commissioner M Dana Kishore and he is examining different options. It may take about six months to complete the acquisition process, he added. #KhabarLive

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