The sheer negligence may cause a big tragedy if not attended soon. The negligence of electricity authorities and the leaders like MLA and MP may intervene and look into the matter to avoid a big tragedy of the busy road of Chandrayangutta in Hyderabad.

As the Old City is the oldest part of Hyderabad, it has a crumbling infrastructure, and faces issues such as heavy traffic, water scarcity, poor waste management and poor maintenance of buildings. Some heritage structures in the area are also dilapidated and in need of restoration.

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An electrical pole at Chandrayangutta is damaged and may topple at any time. It poses inconvenience and danger to residents and motorists. This area comes under the AIMIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi and MP Asaduddin Owaisi who arebusy in national politics to strengthen the muslims unity and save from Anti-CAA-NCR laws.

Despite repeated pleas from the local residents to concern authorities and MLA, no action was taken. The main civic issues highlighted below are long pending since the leaders promised to complete before elections.

  • Bad drainage system- It becomes hellhole in rainy season.
  • Poor quality of roads-Every other day, metro or some others dig up the roads and leave it like that for several days or forever.
  • Spit stains everywhere.
  • Shelterless bus stops
  • Patholes are everywhere
  • Poor drainage system
  • Prone to viral fevers
  • Traffic
  • Unsafe food
  • Pirated biryani brand names
  • Greenery is restricted to the parks
  • Poor air quality
  • Reducing ground water levels
  • Polluted lakes/rivers/ground water
  • Lack of enough public toilets which leads to men urinating anywhere and everywhere. Also, lack of civic sense among men who urinate in public areas even when there is a nearby public toilet.
  • Lack of enough dust bins which makes every street look like a garbage dump.
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Locals are requesting the concern authorities to get alert with this dangerous electric pole which is bend and old erected with heavy chance to fall down and cause harm to lives. #KhabarLive

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