The ‘Bikerni Hyderabad’ has chosen a unique way to celebrate Bathukamma, a festival of flowers celebrated by Telangana women. A group of nine Bikernis have hit the road to promote Bathukamma, handlooms of Telangana and SHE teams.

This first-of-its-kind motorcycle rally has set off to ride across the major districts of Telangana. After the successful completion of journey across Pochampally, Warangal, Ramappa temple, Kaleshwaram, Jannaram, Nizamabad, Siddipet, and Bhongir, the event will be culminated today in Hyderabad.

The riders have worn different outfits designed from Telangana handlooms which garnered a lot of attention all over social media. The team will also stop by at handloom clusters enroute for photoshoot and digital content.

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Through this event, the Bikernis encouraged travellers to use roads more extensively as a way to discover unexplored Telangana. They have also shed light on the efficiency of live feeds which showcase excellent road network. The chronicled riding experience would be used for promotions in the future years.

Poornima, founder and director of Marc 7 Innovations, proved to be a huge support system for this event. She is not only one of the nine women bikers but also the key resource in getting the handloom outfits for the entire ride. She has been closely working with the bikers team for the past two months in understanding their lifestyles and the concept itself.

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With her experience in conducting several handloom-based fashion shows, she was able to pick up the right handloom material for the event. Poornima’s team has designed 10 outfits for the women bikers through this nine-day journey. #KhabarLive

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