The cold wave that has been sweeping the city has taken a toll on the health of netizens. Hospitals across the city are full of patients suffering from cold and cough. K Naga Ratna, senior scientist, India Meteorological Department (IMD), Hyderabad, says, “South-eastern winds will hit the state approximately by January 5.

Once this happens, the minimum temperature will come back to normal, and people can get relief from cold.” “North-eastern winds result in cold temperature. This is why, the state is affected with cold wave,” she added.

Hyderabad witnessed its coldest day in eight years as the minimum temperature in the city fell to 7.5 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature was consistent at 27 degree Celsius. Adilabad witnessed 5 degree Celsius. All parts of Telangana have been affected with the cold wave. Because of the cold wave, there are abnormal changes in the weather, and it resulted in people falling sick. “I never felt this cold earlier. I’m avoiding coming out of the home.

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Major fall in minimum temperature is making us fall sick,” said Bharatamma, a 66-year-old women. “This cold wave is having a bad affect on public. Even in the mornings we are not able to come out of our homes. It has become a problem for us to go to work. We are scared to send our children out because of the fear of their health getting affected,” said Radha Krishna, a private employee.

The number of patients suffering from viral fevers has been increasing because of the cold wave. 934 out-patients came to fever hospital, and 17 patients got admitted on December 31. There were 134 viral fever cases in fever hospital in December. “The number of patients has increased from one week. Most of them are patients suffering from viral fevers.

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Because of abnormal change in the weather, they are getting sick,” said Dr Rajanna of Sri Sai Clinic. “Public should take care during climate changes, especially children and senior citizens. I advise everyone to fully cover their body when they go out. Most importantly, ears should be covered and gloves need to be worn to keep the body warm.

Try to consult doctors immediately if there are any slights changes noticed in the body,” said Dr Padmaja. “It will be good if the school managements change school timings. It is every cold in the morning, and children are unable to go to school and are missing their classes,” said Saritha, a parent. #KhabarLive

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