There are about 20 all-women institutions in the city where women enroll for Islamic Education spread over 17 years. Western countries are the new destination for woman Islamic education teachers from the city, who are scripting new stories of women’s empowerment using just video calling and messaging applications.

Every evening, these Islamic education teachers, who passed out of various seminaries and schools in the city, impart Islamic education through Skype and other applications to students in the United States, United Kingdom and other European countries, where families are now looking at hiring teachers from here to teach their wards the Quran and other features of Islamic thought.

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“The concept of online teaching of the Quran, though new for woman madrasa graduates, is fast becoming a trend. It is not easy for NRIs families staying in foreign countries to get a teacher to teach the Quran. So they are preferring e-tutors who take tuitions online via video calling applications,” says Mufti Mohd Hasanuddin, founder of Markaze-e-Taleem-ul-Banaat, an Islamic school at Hafeezbabanagar in the old city of Hyderabad.

There are about 20 all-women institutions in the city where women enrol for Islamic education spread over 17 years. A few of them drop out after the Hifz course due to family constraints and take up jobs in schools.

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With e-tutors now being in demand, the women are familiarizing themselves with computers and related tasks to grab new opportunities.

“The payment is good compared to what is paid in the city. Then we work safely from the four walls of our house, retaining conservative traditions,” says Umul Fazal, an e-tutor, adding that if one has contacts in foreign countries, there is no dearth of offers.

Students belonging to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Gulf countries staying in the Middle East too prefer Hyderabad-based teachers.

“It is because the bar of Islamic education offered at the city seminaries is high,” said Mufti Hafeeza Umme Salma, a tutor.

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The classes are held thrice a week keeping in mind the time zone difference between both the countries.

“Woman teachers easily earn from Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 a month. If a household has a joint family, then there are more students. People prefer Indians over other nationals for the reasonable fees we charge,” adds another tutor. #KhabarLive

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