GHMC is building a deccani theme-park based on art and design from the Nizam’s era at Bahadurpura area in Old city of Hyderabad. Different styles of artwork already made at the park.

As a part of their continuous endeavour to create more lung space in the city, GHMC has come up with yet another interesting initiative. Soon, the city is going to get its first park based on the Dakhini theme the Nizami arts and designs.

The property is going to be spread over six acres. Since the park is adjacent to Mir Alam Bahadur tank, it has been named after then Prime Minister of Hyderabad State (1804 — 1808).

MP Asaduddin Owaisi wanted to develop the six acres land. So when he invited Arvind Kumar, Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA and UD), and GHMC commissioner Dana Kishore to visit the park, they got the idea of developing a theme park based on Nizami arts and designs.

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Talking about the initiative, West Zone Commissioner, GHMC and IAS Officer Hari Chandana states, “Owing to its proximity to the Zoo, we have witnessed a constant influx of tourists in the area. However, the tourists have to travel all the way to either Taramati or Golconda Fort to catch a glimpse of the paintings and designs from the Nizam’s era.

So we figured that it would be nice to make it convenient for the tourists, who may come to visit the Zoo, to also catch a feel of the art and designs from the period of the Nizam.” The artwork reflects the Dakhini style of paintings. She says, “We wanted to showcase paintings that can bring to life some interesting tales from the Nizam’s era. We also wanted to project designs which will be a mix of the Mogul and South Indian styles, that are evident across Hyderabad and Bidar.”

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She further adds, “Most paintings and designs are mehendi work and resemble the architectural styles that are seen at the Qutub Shahi Tombs and the Golconda Fort. However, the works have been given a contemporary touch. Also, paintings of dancing ladies, cascade fountains, etc., from those times will be on display.”

The park has been built on an estimated cost of Rs 1.5 cr. It also has a play area and a science corner for kids, and an open gymnasium by the lake for the elderly. “There is no science-based theme park in Hyderabad. So far, kids have only been learning mathematics and science through textbooks.

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Owing to the alarming dropout rate in schools around the park area, this is going to be our attempt to settle the students’ apprehensions about mathematics and science and ease them into the learning process in a manner that appeals to them,” explains Hari Chandana, who reveals that GHMC is also coming up with a recycled park and a senior citizen park at Madhapur. #KhabarLive

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