Following the strict vigilance by the Election Commission (EC) on the illegal cash transport for distributing voters in connection with Telangana Elections, the cash transporters are adopting ‘Escort’ methods to avoid checking at the border check-posts on National Highways, temporary check-posts established by the Static Surveillance Teams (SSTs) on State Highways and surprise vehicle checking by the flying squads at internal roads.

So far, the special teams have seized Rs. 90 crore of currency (undisclosed amount) and lakhs of litres of liquor at the check points and apprehended hundreds of persons in connection with these cases.

Sources said that the cash transporters are adopting ‘Escort Vehicles’ to avoid police cases and checking. “In this method, the vehicle consisting of huge cash follows another vehicle which has no cash as escort.

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Whenever the persons in the escort vehicle sniff police check-posts, they alert the persons travelling in the cash-vehicles. Immediately the second vehicle either takes diversion or waits till the first vehicle comes back to change strategies in transporting cash,” the sources added.

Explaining about the transporters the sources said, “Majority of candidates of various parties are approaching Havala and Hundi operators in Hyderabad city for the transportation of cash from one place to another and one district to other and even interstate transportation.

The commission is also in huge percentage for the transportation of cash among the strict vigilance circumstances. Usually, they collect 5% but, now they are demanding up to 10% of commission to transport the money,” they said. #KhabarLive

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