Kakinada Govt Hospital’s ICU’s Turn Death Beds Without Ventilators


The Government General Hospital here does not have enough ventilators. As a result, the life of patients is like a lamp in the storm. The tertiary referral hospital has 24 ventilators for 74 beds in nine intensive care units (ICUs).

The sorry state of affairs came into sharp focus when a patient, P Shiva (57) of Vishakhapatnam district, died in the Kakinada GGH allegedly because of non-availability of ventilators. The shocked relatives of the patient staged a dharna at the hospital.

Like every year, Shiva had gone to visit his mother at Balussupitha village in East Godavari district. At the village fair, he fell unconscious and was shifted to Amalapuram KIMS hospital, where the doctors suggested that he be taken to the Kakinada hospital for better treatment.

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Accordingly, Shiva was admitted to Kakinada GGH on Thursday. He was put through a CT scan, but as there was a delay in the scanning report being prepared, he was treated in the general ward for two days. His condition worsened as he was not hooked to a ventilator on time.

The deceased’s wife alleged negligence on the part of doctors and staged a dharna outside the medical ward with other relatives. Rattled by the situation, a team of doctors came out and explained to the agitating relatives that blood pressure and sugar levels of Shiva had risen alarmingly, but admitted that had there been enough ventilators he probably could have been saved.

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According to the Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS), every bed in an intensive care unit should have a ventilator. #KhabarLive



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