Colours are a fascinating medium of expression; artists paint pictures with them, photographers use them to tell a story and interior designers use colour to give surroundings the right ambiance. No matter which aspect of life you use colours in, there is no denying their effect on our mental well-being and emotions.

The psychology of how colour affects our mental and emotional state may vary from person to person, but some of it can be attributed to our history and culture. So which colours should you be surrounding yourself with?

We will answer that question with this detailed review of what some of your favourite colours represent and how you can use them in your interiors to manipulate your mood.

Relaxing Blue
Blue is known to evoke feelings of trust, security, integrity and serenity. As the colour of the vast ocean and the deep sea, blue is a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its cool and calm properties also give a distinct feeling of intelligence that makes it ideal for a young adult’s room or a home office. Blue is also widely used in office complexes in professional fields where it can create feelings of trust and security in customers.

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Rejuvenating Green
As the colour of nature, green promotes health, vitality, harmony and reliability. This earthy colour gives your surroundings a calming yet revitalising feeling that is hard to achieve with any other colour. Having it in your home can help you connect with nature and perhaps make healthier choices in life. It can calm you and make your space a stress-free zone.

Optimistic Yellow
Embrace your inner optimist with the lively colour known as yellow. Yellow is known to instantly induce feelings of happiness, spontaneity, and optimism. This cheery colour is perfect for places you spend a large chunk of your day in; however, it can be overwhelming when you feel like relaxing. This is why kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms will look lovely in this sunny colour.

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Passionate Red
The colour of passion, excitement, drama and energy, red is just the shade to take your surroundings to the next level. Associated with feelings of love, desire and anger, red is a colour of extremes and hence a daring choice for your interior. Apart from its romantic qualities, red also encourages an appetite which is why it is the most used colour in food logos and marketing. But adding a touch of it to your bedrooms and dining rooms can make them infinitely more desirable and exciting.

Mysterious Violet
The many shades of violet represent spirituality, mystery, sensitivity and imagination which make it an intriguing colour choice. It is the ideal colour to decorate a room to give it a mystifying appearance that can spark your imagination. The cool tones might create a depressing surrounding, but pairing it with some light shades can balance out its mysterious energy.

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When it comes to picking a shade for your space, the choices are never ending. However, knowing the psychology and emotions behind each colour can assist you in creating an interior that encourages feelings that you want in your home. Use this handy guide to learn how to use the power of colour to your advantage and have a great time doing it!

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