Greetingly – A Celebrity Engagement Platform, Introduces More Features To Bring Celebrities And Fans Closer

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Greetingly is one such platform that understands the importance of one’s emotions and thus provides a way wherein customers get a chance to book personalized greetings and shout-outs from their favourite celebrities. It lets you shower your love and emotions upon your dear ones innovatively by getting greeting videos created. This is not just an entertaining way of wishing but it is a way that is surely going to make your loved ones feel mesmerized.

Further, to enhance the customer experience of digital greetings, Greetingly has launched two more customer celebrity engagement features. Greetingly is not just a personalized video greeting platform but now it has emerged as a celebrity engagement platform. The newly added features include getting an Instagram DM and a Video Call from the chosen celebrity.

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We live in a world where social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc form an important part in our lives and we entirely depend on these digital marketing channels.
Imagine how overwhelming it feels when you get a birthday wish from your favourite celebrity via Instagram DM. All this is made possible by Greetingly.

Greetingly also provides video calling feature wherein a customer can request the chosen celebrity to have one on one interaction with the requested person. This two-way interaction enhances customer celebrity engagement. This way gives an equal opportunity to the requested customer to interact with the celebrity and speak his/her heart out.

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At present, Greetingly lets, you choose from a large list of celebrities which includes Gia Manek, Tannaz Irani, Parul Chauhan, Mallika Nayak, Delnaaz Irani, Shefali Baggar, Kanan Malhotra etc. Choose the celebrity that you are fond of or the one your dear one likes and place the request for the service you want.

You can choose to request an Instagram DM, Video Message, or can ask for a Video Call from your favourite celebrity. In today’s world where social media is part and parcel of one’s life, greeting via social media platforms is such a convenient and efficient way of greeting.

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Greetingly is expanding its wings and is gradually reaching out to the majority of customers and is aiming to satisfy its customer by offering such services. Who could have ever thought of getting wished virtually and that too through a celebrity? All this is made possible by greetingly. Greetingly is the solution that empowers customers to engage and communicate with their favourite celebrity.

Now you don’t have to wait for hours to get your greeting cards and messages get delivered to your buddies. Visit Greetingly website your celebrity and simply place your request and you are all set to surprise your dear ones.

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