The Best Techniques To Treat ‘Premature Ejaculation’ 

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Premature ejaculation is a major concern for many men. This happens when you have an orgasm quickly, causing sexual dissatisfaction with you and your partner.

You can use some medical treatments to manage premature ejaculation. Even better, some supplements and exercises can help you delay ejaculation. This page explains some of the best techniques you can use to treat premature ejaculation.

Topical creams or sprays 

There is a lot of evidence suggesting that using topical creams or sprays can give you success. Keep in mind that these topical creams or sprays have anesthetics like lidocaine designed to numb your penis. 

Therefore, when you use them, you can delay sensation to your penis, meaning you may increase the duration it takes to climax. You can apply these creams to the head of your penis at least 30 minutes before having sex. However, you should remember to wash your penis 5 minutes before the sexual intercourse. This website offers various solutions related to men’s sexual problems.


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Pelvic floor exercises can also train the muscles that are involved in ejaculation. So you need to be aware of these muscles to help you strengthen them for improved orgasm control. These are the same muscles that cut off the urine flow. You can identify them by urinating and cut off the flow of urine midstream.

When it comes to the pelvic floor exercises, you need to sit or lie in a comfortable position. Make sure that there is no pressure on your perineum, which is the part between your genitals and the anus. 

Next, tighten these muscles that cut off the urine flow and hold them tightly for at least five minutes. You will see that the muscles may feel like they are lifting and you may also feel a pressure sensation inside your body, especially near the muscles. 

After doing this, you can release the muscles and take a rest for about 5 seconds. Each session should take 10 times of this procedure and you can do it twice or thrice each day.


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There is a similarity between wearing a condom while having sexual intercourse and using topical creams or sprays. Ideally, both methods tend to dull the sensation of your penis, so it may increase the time to reach orgasm. 

You can find some condoms on the market that are thicker or condoms that have a numbing agent on the inside. These condoms can reduce the sensitivity and improve the time it takes you to reach orgasm.


In most cases, men who complain about premature ejaculation may not have a lot of sexual practice. This is especially true with the teenagers who may learn about their sexual acts ad physical sensations through masturbation from their early practices. 

The truth is that exploring sexual pleasure by masturbating can help you to identify the physical sensations of your body leading to orgasm. With regular practice, you can also learn the vital signs of an impending orgasm. This can enable you to find ways to stop that stimulation before you reach the climax.

Hence, you can masturbate for at least an hour before engaging in sexual intercourse. This can help you to be in the refractory period which is the time which can be hard to orgasm. #KhabarLive #hydnews