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#KhabarLive Hyderabad is a news platform using fresh and latest content as a medium to tell stories that are often underreported in traditional media. Over the past four years, we have produced over 6500 stories and counting.

To give you an idea of how exhaustive our coverage is, we have produced over 450 articles about COVID-19 since February 2020, and we are looking to expand our reportage further. We are interested in deep dives, in investigations and perspectives often overlooked.

We are now commissioning stories and currently looking for:

  1. Special Articles or Features from Hyderabad and Telangana
  2. News Articles from Andhra Pradesh
  3. Exclusive researched articles across all niches
  4. Exclusive political analysis and commentaries on burning issues from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Your pitch should include a tentative title, a summary of the idea, people and organisations you would be speaking to, the number of articles you anticipate and a timeline.

Expertise in producing high quality content isn’t a prerequisite. We will share our guidelines and tips with you once your pitch is approved.

What we are not looking for: monologues, essays, self-promotional content.

We will try and respond to every pitch that we receive within a week, and sooner for time-sensitive stories.

Rolling deadlines. Keep an eye on this form for updated opportunities if your idea doesn’t fit in the current requirements.

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