In what can be considered a big relief to Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao before the ensuing assembly elections, the Hyderabad high court on Tuesday gave the nod for regularising the services of nearly 23,000 outsourcing employees in Telangana electricity department.

The high court struck down a petition challenging the regularisation of 23,000 outsourced artisans working in electricity organizations such as TS Genco, TS Transco and Discoms.

The order comes at a time when the Telangana is going for early elections to the state assembly following the dissolution of the state assembly.

The Telangana chief minister has been incurring the wrath of the unemployed for not filling up job vacancies and also of the contract employees, who had been demanding regularisation of their services.

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The court order paves way for the regularisation of 23,000 artisans and it would fetch a big political mileage to the ruling TRS in the coming elections.

The CM’s Office has lost no time in publicising the same in a big way. A CMO spokesman pointed out that KCR had already instructed electricity department to regularise the services of artisans who had been working for a long time on outsource basis in the department.

“As the department sought to regularise their services, the decision was challenged in the High Court and a petition was filed against regularising the artisans’ services.

Now with the judgement coming in favour of the government, the CM instructed the electricity department to issue regularisation orders to all these outsourced employees at the earliest,” the CMO official said.

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KCR instructed TS Transco and TS Genco chairman and managing director D Prabhakar Rao to regularise the services of artisans, recognise them as regular employees, decide on the pay scales for them and implement PRC to them also.

He also greeted the artisans whose services are to be regularised. #KhabarLive

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