The sudden announcement by Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao that he would launch a third political alternative at the national level and was ready to don the mantle of a national leader came as a big surprise to many.

One does not know what the sudden provocation for KCR was, as there is no such a situation emerging anywhere in the country.

The general election is still far away and the other parties are focussing on the forthcoming assembly elections in some of the states. Those who are against the BJP are only trying to build an anti-BJP front, rather than a third front.

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A section of media is speculating that KCR must be under tremendous pressure from his own family members to leave the reins of the state and the party to them.

According to one of the rumours doing rounds, KCR’s son K T Rama Rao and daughter Kavitha have asked KCR to hand over the party and power to them and confine himself to advisory role after the next elections.

“If you are keen on continuing in politics, you can go Delhi and steer the wheel. In any case, the BJP would not be able to get complete majority in 2019 and it would definitely need the support of regional parties like TRS. If you go to Delhi, you can play a greater role,” the son and daughter reportedly told KCR.

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It was then that KCR has mooted the proposal for a third political alternative. Since he had maintained close relations with several parties during the Telangana movement and also as a Union minister for a couple of years, he expressed hope that he would be able to build a new alternative.

“If I succeed, I remain in the history of India for leading the front. If I cannot, I can still play a big role at the Centre,” the TRS chief is understood to have told the family. #KhabarLive

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