Ahead of the holiday season, the State Forest department has kickstarted the ‘Laknavaram Festival’ with a host of activities including night camping in the forest. Spread over 10,000 acres, the Laknavaram lake is in Govindraopet mandal of Jayashankar Bhupalpally and has 13 islands with a beautiful suspension bridge. For the Laknavaram Festival, tourists can enjoy exciting adventurous activities.

For the Laknavaram Festival, tourists can enjoy exciting adventurous activities along with the enchanting beauty of the lake, suspension bridge and islands for 24 hours from 4pm one Day One to 4pm the next day. The trip has a two-hour cycling activity and night camping in individual tents, big tents or family tents, with fun and entertainment along with bonfires.

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The next morning, tourists can enjoy bird watching and can spot Kingfishers, Parakeets, Drongos, doves, tree pie, grey hornbill, jungle fowls, eagles, Red-Wattled Lapwing, purple heron and the Indian Cormorant among others.

The festival then takes tourists from the suspension bridge to boating towards the Kakarakayala Bodu island which has a restaurant and then take to the trekking path to spot animals like Antelopes, Deer, Spotted Deer, Nilgai etc. Bullock carts take tourists around the forests before taking the visitors to the spot from where they can head for the Lake View Safari.

The fee to participate in the festival is Rs. 2000 which includes night camping and food. Tourists were advised to carry a baggage of only 1 kg, a torch and wear loose dress comfortable for trekking and suitable shoes. The department said that plastic was not allowed as this happens to be a complete eco-friendly trip.

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Interested tourists can visit www.ecotourism.bhupalpally.com or contact Ph.9502853154/7382619363 for bookings. #KhabarLive

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