With the festive and bridal season approaching, zardozi embroidery is definitely the most apt and is a favourite pick at this time of the year. Along with choosing a perfect outfit, it is also essential to style them with the right pair of shoes that enhance the festive look.

Ayush Diwan Khurana, owner of Modello Domani and Shirin Mann, founder and creative designer of NeedleDust, talk about zardozi being the favourite and trending pick this season:

  • – As the festival of lights is just around the corner, zardozi slippers are great for in-house Diwali celebrations and are a perfect addition to one’s Indian wear. The slippers can be paired with almost any outfit and work perfectly for a more casual and relaxed look.
  • – Slip-ons with handcrafted zardozi are definitely the go to shoes this wedding season. Not only are they super light and comfortable for those long hour wears and endless eventful night but are also trending and are an excellent pick for any occasion.
  • – For a more glamorous and luxurious ensemble, one can go for handcrafted zardozi artwork on velvet and leather shoes. These leather and velvet embroidery shoes can be worn for formal occasions.
  • – Since the cold weather hits, this festive season lighter outfits with footwear in Zardozi on deeper colours will enhance the look of the outfit and add opulence to the attire. These would work best at any festive celebrations such as KarvaChauth, Dussehra, Diwali, Bhai Dhooj, Durga Pooja.
  • – The rich look of the embroidery is once again trending this season combined with elaborate motifs on deeper colours. Give your outfit a modern twist by styling your footwear with designs and techniques like roses, daisies and Aztec patterns in zardozi on fuchsia pink, red and ivory. #KhabarLive
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