Engaged in the promotion and the preservation of Urdu language through a range of initiatives, the Telangana State Urdu Academy is now planning to start an ‘Urdu Research Centre’ to boost its efforts. Once in place, the proposed facility will be helpful for the research scholars. Other initiatives being lined up by the academy include specially tailored courses for those wishing to learn Urdu.

Prof SA Shukhoor, Director, Telangana State Urdu Academy, in an interview with #KhabarLive, explains the performance of the academy in the last four years and future plans.

About the Urdu Research Centre planned by the academy
We are working on setting up an Urdu Language Research Centre at the Urdu Maskaan building in the old city. Plans are on the anvil to bring all Urdu-related manuscripts, literature books, old books and other material to the research centre. With this move, several scholars who are doing research on the language will benefit.

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Key works of the academy in the last four years
A book ‘Muraqqa-e-Hyderabad’, containing 320 pictures of Hyderabad, with details of the places, people, food, customs etc., was published to enable new generations to know about the past. On the other hand, the amount of cash for Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Award has been enhanced from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.25 lakh and Maqdoom Award from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.

Other initiatives of the academy
To help the promotion and preservation of Urdu language at the grassroots level, we have conducted a survey across the State and prepared a comprehensive report on the condition of government-run schools. A report was submitted to the government and is being studied by various departments who are stakeholders.

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On the cultural front
For the first time, we had organised ‘All-India level Mushaira’ in the foreground of Charminar monument and invited noted poets from across the country. Similarly, we had organised a Ghazal programme at Charminar and Lalith Kala Thoranam. Noted Ghazal singers, including Ghulam Ali and Pankaj Udhas, participated.

On publications in Urdu
We have around 22 different schemes being implemented for the promotion and preservation of the language. These include providing financial assistance for publication of books, journals, literary works and even for teachers/students who fare well in the Urdu language.

Future plans
Soon we are going to start Urdu language capsule courses for those who are keen on learning it. We often get queries from students who were unable to learn the language. #KhabarLive

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