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Flat Owners and residents of Prajay Megapolis in Hi-TecCity area, staged a silent protest against the builder Prajay Engineers Syndicate in Hyderabad. Around 450 residents gathered in front of the building. They pointed out that there were no amenities like swimming pool and questioned about the use of their corpus fund.

Prajay Megapolis, which has nine 20-storeyed high-towers, has no fire safety in place. It also does not have proper water supply or sewage treatment plant.

Residents are still made to wait for occupancy certificate, while many are awaiting possession of their flats. According to the residents, they have been complaining for the past six years about the issue, but the builder has not paid any heed.

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“Many promises were made and money collected in the name of luxury condominiums but they delivered worst quality equipment and safety has been compromised in everything. Without amenities, the builder handed over the flats in 2016 to the owners and residents are suffering due to faulty lifts.

They have not given corpus fund. There is no club house, no swimming pool, STP under rated capacity, no proper water supply and we are still waiting for our occupancy certificates. It would be helpful if GHMC intervene in this matter, so that the residents can get their rights,” said Baireddy Narasimha Reddy, a resident of Prajay Megapolis.

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“For the past three years I have been making rounds to the builders office to get possession of my flat and also paid almost 90 percent of the flat amount but still I am made to wait. Apart from this without even delivering entitled facilities, the builder started a new venture adjacent to the residence,” said Prakash Jain, another resident of Prajay Megapolis.

“They are not even showing accounts for the money which we paid towards a corpus fund. If there is any fire accident, it would be highly difficult to get out of the building as there is only one passenger lift working, though they promised to provide two. Also we are forced buy water from outside.

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They builder should hold a meeting with us every month,” said R Venkat, aresident of Prajay Megapolis. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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