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India’s coliving sector has been hit hard amongst all. It has been trying to get back on its feet since the past 8-9 months. With the pandemic declining the demand in the nation, the industry is trying to revive with innovative ways in 2021.

Coliving PGs in Gachibowli are trying hard to maintain the experience they offer to their community.

Let’s see how can this sector is trying to bring the pre covid scenario currently:

Put all sanitization and safety measures in place
The pandemic has compelled coliving operators to put all the cleaning and sanitizing procedures strictly in place. These include properly training the housekeeping staff, installing sanitizers at every corner, making doctors and medical kits available on the needed hours, forming rules for social distancing, ensuring frequent cleaning during the week and other hygiene measures. These factors will make sure to attract and bring back the old trust of students, working professionals and other members to the co living spaces.

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Expand to Tier 2 and 3 cities
One of the many ways to get back to the pre covid period is to set up the coliving spaces in Tier 2 and 3 cities as well. The reason is that the Tier 1 working population has been compelled to leave their work cities due to the pandemic. Coliving operators have the opportunity to concentrate on their R & D and establish their brand presence in cities like Jamshedpur, Nagpur, Guwahati, Kota, Patiala, Shillong, Belgaum, Vijayawada, Gorakhpur, Kalyan, Ujjain and others.

Relaxed Payment Timeline
The pandemic has forced the working population to cut down on the day to day expenses. Hence, coliving operators should take care while planning the prices to be charged from the customers. This will induce them to choose coliving spaces instead of traditional PG accommodations. For existing customers, the operators can allow them a relaxed payment timeline. For example- a NoBroker Survey disclosed that more than 70 percent of the PG tenants are now looking to shift to shared living spaces. The reason for this is that they do not find their current accommodations feasible for work for home.

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Offer space to healthcare staff
The year 2020 is dedicated to the healthcare industry. It is because of them that the world could see their tomorrow. Hence, coliving operators should come forward to offer spaces for the healthcare staff and anyone who needs to be quarantined.

The shift from unbranded to branded players
Covid has increased the number of customers to shift from unbranded to branded players. For example- one of the largest coliving operators in India, Stanza Living is getting six times more queries in recent months. This has led the company to double its inventory size and launch its spaces in 3 more cities.

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Personalised Attention
The pandemic has left the working population to require more and more individual priority as against community living. Therefore, coliving operators should concentrate on offering customised and individual attention to the members. For example- Nexus Ventures Partners backed-Zolostays is bringing in custom made properties for the corporate population that can host their employees for continued business operations.

Keeping the above suggestions in mind, the coliving operators in India can certainly help this sector to breath back soon. The wait is to see how long these suggestions will help in the long term. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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