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A travel blogger, also known as travel writer or just as “blogger”, is someone who travels around the world collecting material for writing about their travel experiences, deriving income from a variety of on-line and off-line sources.

The most popular genres of blogs in the world revolve around Technology, Food, Lifestyle and last but not the least Travel. Unlike other categories, travel is a niche, that spans across all age groups and can be written in so many different forms from one’s own angle. It’s true that every category has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if there’s one niche that can actually be really rewarding, it’s definitely Travel. So to get you started on travel blogging, here’s all the information you need, broken down into questions and answers.

How does writing about travel & my past trips help me in any way? Will I be able to monetize them?

It is little known to many people, but travel can be extremely rewarding, once you start building a good profile of yourself. Travel blogging helps you to connect with several international brands and gives you opportunities to travel across multiple parts of the world through collaborations. Travel firms will also pay to be featured on your blog in exchange of Do-Follow links and reviews.

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How to begin and write about Travel?

The lens of a camera can be seen through in different ways by several people. The same way, travel can be written in so many different ways. Everyone would have their own experience when they travel somewhere, be it to a nearby town or a different country. More than the place, the only thing that actually matters is your story and how you say it.

Remember, many websites cover travel from a commercial angle, writing about places that may of be interest to them or through a partnership. But when you sit and pen down your authentic article on travel, you’ll definitely attract an audience of your own who’ll trust you and follow your journeys.

Travel Content Format And Ideas

Stories are one way of writing about a place. But it doesn’t end there. For those who want to share their knowledge on places, there are several ways you can do this. These include:

  • Travel Listicles : Eg. 20 places to see in Chennai. Best things to do at Singapore. 10 Adventure activities in New Zealand
  • Travel Guides : Destination Guides, City Itineraries, Vegetarian Restaurant guides in Thailand
  • Factuals : Explaining the rich history of a place in your own words . Eg. The Mystery behind the Big Temple of Tanjore. The History behind the Greek city of Antalya.
  • Travel Advice / Hacks : Top websites to get cheaper airfares. How to get a Schengen Visa in 8 steps. Self Driving options in Europe.
  • Collections / Destination Focus Stories : If you want to write extensively about a particular country or a specific destination, it can include everything from transport details, cost of living, places to see , itineraries etc.
  • Travel Memories/ Photography Albums : Even if you aren’t a great writer, but want to convey things with your photographic skills, you can upload select pictures from your recent trip to your blog in collections. Sometimes, a single travel picture can speak volumes about your trip more than several 100 lines.
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Pandemic Travel blogging in lockdowns

Yes, travel has become all the more relevant and very much in focus now , esp after May when the vaccination rates have hit more than 70% across the world. 1 in 4 people are now waiting to travel somewhere and experience what they missed in 2020 & ’21 first half.

People are looking for as much information as possible about the “New Normal of Travel post Covid” – Some of the most popular keywords you may want to including while writing about travel include : “Safe destinations for Family with Kids”, “Contactless travels”, “Staycations in Bangalore/ Chennai / Mumbai/Delhi”, “Workcations in the Hills”, “Drivecations”, ”Countries without Quarantine rules”, “Countries open for Indian travellers”, “Countries accepting Fully Vaccinated Travellers”.

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Your site could just hit a lot of traffic, if the content revolves around any of these topics.

Promoting Travel Content Websites

The best way to promote a blog is by submitting it as a blogroll in Blogchatter and share it within the community. The amount of engagement, shares and readership will be quite overwhelming:

  • – Share your latest post as a bio link in Instagram and also add it as a few swipeup stores
  • – Share the link to other social media sites like Facebook & Twitter.
  • – Ensure the content has good On-Page and Off-Page SEO, so that it has a good organic traffic from Google
  • – Share it as a Pin in Pinterest & also in other common travel Pinterest Boards with detailed descriptions

With all these pointers, you must be buzzing with ideas. The best way to make it work is to get started on Travel Blogging.  #KhabarLive #hydnews

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