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In University of Hyderabad (UoH) three Lady research scholars have tested positive for COVID-19. According to sources, three women students staying in hostels tested Covid-19 positive. While one of them was symptomatic, the other two were asymptomatic.

This news comes soon after the varsity reopened to permit over 700 research scholars and masters students to resume academic work in the campus. An internal mail sent to students, which is with #KhabarLive, shows the administration stressing upon the need to follow COVID-19 protocols in order to avoid furthers such instances of the virus spreading.

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They have further informed students and research scholars that those infected have been quarantined on campus or shifted to hospitals. The institute has also set up a task force responsible for implementing existing COVID-19 guidelines and to report any violations.

In its circular, the institute has alleged that students are not adopting ‘COVID appropriate behaviour’.

“Several instances of violation of Covid appropriate behaviour by the students have come to the attention of the Task Force – for example, mixing in close proximity with other students without facial masks and leaving the isolation facility for departments before the mandatory 7-day period ends. This is not acceptable. The threat of the virus and its variants still hangs over us and it will be a while before vaccination reaches younger people.

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In the meantime, it is only the social vaccine, as represents by the safety precautions (Physical distancing, wearing face masks and frequent hand washing) that each of you must take while you are on the campus that will be effective prevention. If there is any escalation in cases on our campus, the University would be compelled to return to a more strict policy regarding in person classes,” the mail states.

It appeals to students to be alert and fully conscious of their responsibility as the Task force is recommending a gradual, staggered return to the campus by all students.

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The University has warned its students and research scholars against gathering in large groups and in crowded spaces and to abide by the 7 day quarantine the institute has insisted upon. Students have further been instructed to inform their respective heads and deans, the Chief Warden and the DSW’s office, and Health centre if they experience any virus symptoms. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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