#KhabarLive Hyderabadi s a digital news platform and online magazine of Politics, Culture, Art and World. The organisation believes in tranquility and sincerity and not number of hits. All our pieces in the magazine section are in-depth and well researched. Our five-core values — be bold, focus on impact, move fast, be open and build social value are making waves in this arena.

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The organisation runs through a cluster of not for profit sustainable business models and does not depend on big money bags and advertisements for its revenue. This gives us the ability to stay fiercely free and independent from any pressure and yet not burden our readers with paywalls.

#KhabarLive Hyderabad is bold.
Hyderabad News is young.
#KhabarLive News poses questions.
KhabarLive News is never satisfied with an answer.

Hyderabad News looks at the big picture.
Hyderabad News is interested in every detail.
Hyderabad News is inquisitive.
Hyderabad News is independent.
Hyderabad News is irreverent.
But never irrelevant.

Hyderabad News is you.