‍‍This is the politico-socio-economic issue analyzing platform. This platform can be used by any intelligent citizen of India to raise his voice on any real issues or concerns in their life.

KhabarLive is a multi-lingual web news portal, it was launched in July, 2017 in
New Delhi/Hyderabad by an eminent media entrepreneur with a lofty ideal to serve unbiased news.

KhabarLive readers include a broad spectrum of Telugu, Hindi and English, and Urdu-speaking intellectuals and professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, educationists and an enterprising trading community, besides housewives, the youth and children and senior citizens.

KhabarLive have created their separate identity in daily news and viral news segment in mere one years of its launch. Now, it commands the top level news source with reliable,  accurate and diversified news and analysis.

KhabarLive is the first media house who have identified future potential of digital news and set up city level hyperlocal news platform wherein each city have their own website and covers every happenings of that particular area. Hyperlocal platform have already been started from Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam cities of Telugu States and gaining huge popularity in short span of time.

KhabarLive maintains high journalistic standards. It focuses on the issues faced by the community, fights for their rights, highlights the achievements of the individuals and recognizes those who make a mark in their chosen fields.

#KhabarLive Hyderabad is a digital news platform and online magazine of Politics, Culture, Art and World. The organisation believes in tranquility and sincerity and not number of hits. All our pieces in the magazine section are in-depth and well researched. Our five-core values — be bold, focus on impact, move fast, be open and build social value are making waves in this arena.

Visitors and audiences are encouraged to provide us tips and feedback via our tip mailbox at editor@hydnews.net and hydnews@gmail.com only.
– Tips are always anonymous. We will not reply to all tips received, however in certain cases we may contact for more information and verification.

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The organisation runs through a cluster of not for profit sustainable business models and does not depend on big money bags for its revenue. This gives us the ability to stay fiercely free and independent from any pressure and yet not burden our readers with paywalls.


#KhabarLive Hyderabad is bold.
Hyderabad News is young.
#KhabarLive News poses questions.
KhabarLive News is never satisfied with an answer.

Hyderabad News looks at the big picture.
Hyderabad News is interested in every detail.
Hyderabad News is inquisitive.
Hyderabad News is independent.
Hyderabad News is irreverent.
But never irrelevant.

Hyderabad News is you.