Godrej Consumer Products Limited has launched Goodknight Naturals Neem Agarbatti, a 100% natural mosquito repellent. The incense stick is infused with two natural ingredients neem and turmeric which can repel mosquitoes and provide effective protection.

Warning against growing menace of spurious repellents, Sunil Kataria, CEO, India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited said, “Brand Goodknight has always led innovations in the home insecticide space. Be it Goodknight Fast Card, Power Chip or the Fabric Roll-on, we have always disrupted the market with unique formats which are highly effective and safe to use.” He said, “In a market that has many illegal brands of agarbattis with questionable ingredients,

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Goodknight Naturals Neem Agarbatti with 100% natural ingredients – Neem and Turmeric will be a very effective and safe solution for all. Priced at Rs 15 for 10 sticks that burns for 3 hours each, this is one of the most superior product offerings at an affordable price point.”

Shampa Nag, Consultant of Caritas, a grassroots level development and social organisation said, “Vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. remain public health threats in India. It is worrying to see an increasing trend in dengue cases and deaths in recent years with 1.9 lakh cases and 325 deaths in 2017.” While it is essential to be protected from mosquito bites and possible dreadful diseases, it is sensible to use only government approved formulations and products, the company CEO said.

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Due to continuing threats of mosquito-borne diseases, people in urban and rural areas look for quick and affordable solutions to protect themselves. That is when spurious and illegal players emerge, manufacturing and selling all kinds of mosquito repellents including incense sticks (agarbattis), which at times even have toxic ingredients like pesticides and other harmful chemicals. #KhabarLive

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