In Telangana, the election fever is gripping high, all parties moved into campaigning, parties made strategical moves and playing the trap politcs. And the ruling TRS party is flying high on ground zero.

Mahakutami partners are still unable to solve their seat sharing problems. But TRS President and CM K Chandrasekhara Rao has announced his first list of 105 candidates who are being made to continue campaigning vigorously.

But there is a new panic among these candidates because of rumours that many of them will be replaced at the last minute. Moreover, B-Forms have not been given to them till now which means there is always a possibility of refusing ticket to them.

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Thus KCR is giving a tough time to his own party candidates. There are reports that KCR is hitting two birds at one shot with early announcement of first list.

Firstly, he has made all these candidates to make sincere campaigning efforts for fear of not getting B-Forms. Secondly, the Opposition Mahakutami leaders will be under tremendous pressure to complete their seat sharing to announce their candidates.

KCR is known for making sudden changes in his plans which party leaders are not able to digest. KCR’s shock treatment seems to have worked well with party candidates but it may also backfire if they are dropped.

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Telangana elections are full of such twists and surprises as TRS and Mahakutami are making novel strategies to win the election. #KhabarLive

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