Love KFC? Well you can now cook your own. And no, we’re not talking buying rip-off KFC and shoving it in the oven. We’re talking actually going behind the scenes to make your own meal at KFC outlets.

KFC is opening its doors to the public to offer people the chance to make their own iconic fried chicken.

Up to 300 KFCs across the country will be opening up their kitchens on Saturday 30 March, and those who go will be given an exclusive look behind the scenes to see first hand how KFC cooks make their Original Recipe chicken fresh in restaurants every day.

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The Open Kitchen will also offer a hands-on experience, with ticket holders getting the chance to make the chicken themselves.

And of course, after all the hard work you’ll get the chance to eat your chicken creation, as well as extra chicken and fries, a drink and a side.

Oh, and you’ll also be gifted a KFC apron and hat. Lovely.

Ruby Singh, Chief Operations Officer at KFC, said: ‘We’re really proud of the food we serve, and of all the care that goes into making our chicken taste as incredible as it does.

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‘We want to welcome everyone in to give them the chance to see what makes it so finger lickin’ good, and invite them to try keeping pace with our amazing team members. We can’t wait to show the nation how it’s done.’

Tickets for KFC Open Kitchen cost 500 and are allocated on a first come first served basis, so grab yours quick and apply here.

All profits will go to the KFC Foundation, which supports local charities who are passionate about developing and nurturing young people. #KhabarLive

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