Many policemen have been taken off active service in Telangana. They are now on the bench as they tipped the scales at over 90 kilos. With police bosses keen on having a fighting-fit force, these obese policemen, from constable to the rank of inspector, have been given orders to return to active policing only after shedding those sagging flabs.

After three months of tests, police top brass discovered that out of the nearly one lakh strong police force, over 1,000 policemen were found to be physically unfit and weighing above 90 kilograms.

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The office of director-general of police has been giving utmost importance to fitness and even made physical tests mandatory. The police chief’s office has been monitoring the fitness process regularly.

“These (obese) officials were withdrawn from the force for some time and they have been asked to work on their fitness. To cut down their flab, they will, in consultation with district unit doctors, get a diet plan and exercise regimen. Except in grave law and order issues, district police heads have been given instructions not to enlist the service of these obese cops as they have to get into shape,” a senior officer told #HydNews.

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In every district, there is a dedicated doctor for the police department. The doctor would create a health profile of the obese official after understating their food habits and then suggest ‘Dos and Don’ts’.

In Adilabad and Khammam, the fitness levels are under control, but in other districts the situation is bad. “In each district, there are at least 40-50 police officials who are above 90 kgs. Initially, there was some resistance when fitness drill was made mandatory. However, now most of them have fallen in line and they started enjoying work outs,” sources said.

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A majority of the men in khaki in Hyderabad and Cyberabad commissionerate limits have been found to be overweight and have to sweat it out to reach the ideal weight. Also, nearly 30,000 policemen were found to be suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol-related problems and other serious ailments during health checkups.

Incidentally, most pot-bellied police are found to be above the rank of inspector, but they have been spared the fitness tests for now. #KhabarLive

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