Hyderabad News is working continuously to make this website a public oriented with its new concept. ‘Government is Public’ or vice versa. As a part of this initiative, we are introducing police to common public without fear and pressure to understand that they are the law protectors with our new weekly series ‘Coffee With A Cop’.

In this weekly interview or interaction, we select questions from public and ask on your behalf to solve, understand or get resolve the issues, problems, suggestions or law concerns.

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Each week we highlight a police station from Hyderabad / Cyberabad and Rachakonda limits and its officials, working with people and your valuable questions. We request you to send your questions to our mail: hydnews@gmail.com or send WhatsApp to +919573464700 mentioning your name, Aadhaar Card Number, Mobile number, present address and your question to the cop concerned.

You have to submit your question every Friday before 5pm. All your questions will be addressed with your name and solutions. All questions will be addressed subject to our editorial policies.

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Your questions should be brief, understanding, relevant to law and order, traffic and social crimes only. #KhabarLive



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