9 Travel Destinations To Mend Your Broken Heart

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Breakups can be tough, the endless night cry and breakup playlists on loop explains why no one succeed a heartbreak that easy. 

But, guess what, with tons of self-help tips you search online, or all saved insta-quote wises, these words might be your best escape advice to mend your broken pieces , “get on your feet, pack your bags if you have to and embark to new journey or do things you’ve never had.”

Jot down these top post-breakup destinations and explore places worthy of travel in Cebu! 

  1. Osmeña Peak (Dalaguete, Cebu) 

There’s always a self-love comfort with the glorious views of mountains. The highest point of Cebu with an elevation of 1013 meters above sea level (MASL) will surely wrap you in cold breeze while letting you breathe the calming peace of nature. Do not be okay, heartache isn’t about being okay. Shout your distress on top, and leave it there.

2. Aguinid Falls (Samboan, Cebu)

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Challenge yourself with mini-canyoneering experience. The cascading water in multi-tier layer waterfall will surely unleash your spirit of adventures. Leave all the sad memories behind and add new exciting ones by trekking non-slippery formation of limestone, and swimming in shallow pools between layers.

3. Sumilon Island, & Cuartel Ruins (Oslob)

Go to Cuartel Ruins heritage site or visit Sumilon Island’s lighthouse of historical significance, realize that other things have a history to. And while Sumilon and the Cuartel has its best kept secrets of the past, pause the crying and start exploring things you’ve never known.

4. Paradise Beach (Bantayan Island)

Find tranquility in misery. The secluded, peaceful, and quiet ambiance of Paradise Beach in powdery white sand, and heraldic color blue waters may be your best go-to to seal off your baggy eyes. Take your mind off things that keep you awake at night, slowly remember how to open your heart to the wonders of nature.

5. Olango Wildlife Sanctuary (Olango Island)

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Witness all forms of freedom, as you get to scoop in almost a hundred species birds in the island. The wildlife sanctuary gets to refuge the largest migratory birds in the country so far, and just when you capture them flying freely in distance, you’ll get your hold of what liberty looks like. 

  1. La Vie in the Sky Cebu (Busay, Cebu) 

If you must do something, drink. But keep it classy in french diner setting, and you’ll have that in La vie in the Sky Cebu. Do friend pick-me-ups as much as you could, talk to people, to strangers or to yourself. Watch the delightful view of city lights while you’re sipping your favorite champagne in town or maybe get on to their french food serving – just to feel a lil love from Paris.

7. Sirao Flower Farm (Busay, Cebu)

There’s something about flowers that heal not just our eyes, but our soul. Celosia flowers which come in yellow, orange and fuchsia colors have its appealing and curing sensation that gets best to a suffering heartache. Perhaps, it’s just a visual presentation that everyone can bloom, even after withers season – you just have to water your roots.

8. Carnaza Islan

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Most thalassophile – person who loves the sea – finds their cure in saltwater. Maybe that’s why most go to beaches to unwind, and release stress. Go on a road trip with friends, and glamp in Carnaza Island. Experience sleeping in their glamorous tents or talk over things under bonfire, it’s your sweet escape.

9. Samgyupsalamat – Travel through Food Cravings (Bonus!)

Food haven can be your best remedy for those sleepless nights, and Netflix binge watch. If your heart isn’t full, then do so for your stomach. Samgyupsalamat price is way more affordable than travelling to Korea for now, so satiate your happiness and let it be on served – drop your heartaches and pains. Pick up chopsticks! #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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