Enhance Your Everyday Look With Gold Jewelry

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Gold jewelry is extremely versatile in nature and is something that can be worn all year long for numerous occasions and even on an everyday basis. For someone who likes to keep it simple and minimal, gold jewelry is the way to go. It is something that requires minimum effort and yet makes you look put together all the time and not to forget, chic as well! 

Gold jewelry fits effortlessly with just about any outfit that you pair it with, right from casual to formal and even Indian to western wear. We have put together simple pointers which we hope helps you enhance your everyday look with some stunning yet simple gold jewelry. 

  • Golden Rings – if you like to keep it simple then rings are the way to go. You can either go for multiple simple golden bands and layer them on different fingers or you can look for a statement gold ring design which really helps in lifting up an outfit. A statement ring makes you look trendy and chic and fits right in irrespective of what outfit you are wearing. 
  • Dainty gold chain with a pendant – the power of a delicate necklace with a pendant is often underestimated by people. These pieces are extremely easy to style and are known to have a personality of their own. They are perfect for everyday looks and really help in elevating the look of just about any outfit that you decide to pair it with whether western or Indian. 
  • Simple gold bracelets and cuffs – bracelets or cuffs which are golden in color are very modern and stylish. It is a very easy look to pull off and can be worn at school, at office, for shopping, at work or just about anywhere. Gold bracelet for girls are all the rage right now and are available in a variety of different designs. They are sleek and chic and can make any outfit look trendier and more stylish with just this simple addition. 
  • Golden earrings – gold earrings such as hoop and tassels are a huge fashion trend and are the go-to accessory of individuals who swear by minimalism. They are versatile, adjustable and fits right in with any and every outfit. If you are getting late or are unsure about what to pair with your outfit, you can just go for a pair of simple golden hoops and know that it can never go wrong. 
  • Chokers – chokers are not for the faint hearted as it gives a very bold yet dainty look at the same time. You can wear this piece with multiple necklines and with any outfit without too much of an effort. It looks very funky and cool and helps you make a statement whenever you step out in a choker. 
  • Long stylish jewelry – adding dimension with a couple of long necklaces looks extremely stylish and original in nature. You can wear a couple of different necklaces together such as a long necklace with a choker which looks very edgy and yet so much fun at the same time. 

We hope our two cents on how to enhance your everyday look with gold jewelry is something that you find useful and can incorporate parts of it in your daily life. While these are just some basic rules to help you style yourself better, it must also be kept in mind that no two things work the same for different people. It is always best to experiment with different looks and find a style that is a reflection of you and your personal style. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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