Gain Expertise With 10 Keyboard Tricks For Your iPhone

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10 Keyboard Tricks for your iPhone

It seems tedious to type long notes, messages and emails, continuously. But, do you know lots of keyboard features are available for your iPhone devices? Such hidden keyboard features can simplify your effort while you are typing, either a content, blog or a mail. Additionally, the features get improved with every iOS dedicated update.

How can you reveal these features? It’s not that tricky to find out or activate these keyboard tricks. Here, we have presented 10 brilliant iPhone keyboard tactics that most iPhone experts won’t tell you.


  • Discard the Last Typed Content with a Mild Shake

Have you mistakenly typed something that you don’t want to interpret while crafting a message? Well, this isn’t an absurd incident when you have kept the Auto-correct option turned on. Rather turning the Auto-correct option on and off, it’s better to undo the last typing. Instead of pressing the clear key for a couple of seconds, you can do a magic trick.

Just shake your iPhone mildly. And, you will notice that a bunch of texts has disappeared from your message that you typed in the last rush. Don’t forget to confirm the prompt message with the option named ‘Undo’. And, there you go with your new thoughts.


  • Swipe over the Keys for Swift Typing

Are you feeling bored by typing on your iPhone? Do you want to access more speed for quick typing? Then, avail the in-built QuickPath feature that allows you to type using swipes, replacing the old methodology of taps. 

For instance, if you have to type the word ‘jump’, then swipe your finger from the key j followed by u, m and p. And, the word jump would pop up in your message or note. By the way, if it leads to unnecessary word-formation, then you can use the delete key. It will wipe out the entire word. In case, you find out that you can’t type on your iPhone at all, then avail iPhone repair Dubai services immediately.


  • Switch to One-Handed Functionality

Newer add-ons to the iPhone family such as iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, etc have come up with larger displays. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to type using these iPhones, especially when you can avail one hand. Well, there’s nothing to freak. Just follow the upcoming instruction to activate the one-handed mode.

Enter any typing area such as messages or emails so the keyboard appears on the screen. Now, locate the globe sign and tap over it. Choose left or right (that you prefer most) alignment of the keyboard.


  • Prioritize Typing Settings

It’s an alert for all the new iPhone users. Every new iPhone arrives with some sorts of settings activated from the very beginning. Check out the input preferences so that you won’t stumble every second while typing. Navigate to Settings. Enter General and find out the Keyboard option. 

You can keep the auto-correct, auto-capitalization, prediction, spelling check, etc. options activated or deactivated. It’s completely your decision. However, you might turn on the smart punctuation that places right punctuation at the right timing of your sentences. Keeping everything manual will rather stretch your typing time and effort. If you can’t set the keyboard preferences, avail iPhone repair Dubai services.


  • Go for Text Replacement

There are thousands of phrases that you use more frequently. Instead of typing them again and again for almost every contact, how about replacing the text phrases? With the iPhone, it’s possible to replace a code of letters into an entire meaningful phrase.

Well, the text replacement feature doesn’t come with modification. It’s fun to customize your own text replacement with your own words. Let’s have an example to make the process simpler.

Suppose, you have to create a text replacement for ‘take care’. Tap Settings, and then press General. Scroll to the Keyboard option and tap the option named Text Replacement. Press the add sign and place the words ‘take care’ under the Phrase section. Additionally, type ‘tc’ for the Shortcut section. You can think of other shortcuts, as well. From now on, you need not type the entire phrase ‘take care’. Just type ‘tc’ and the replacing text would fill its place.


  • Need a Quick Navigation across Documents?

Have you missed out that significant part of the document? It’s quite obvious just because of infinite scrolling throughout the document? Do you want to avail smooth and controlled navigation for your documents? When you are editing a document in your iPhone, press and hold the Spacebar for a couple of seconds. Now, you can jump from line to lines faster.


  • Grab a Good Grip over Cursor

Probably, you need no discussion about how it’s tricky to move the cursor when it comes to typing. Precise cursor-control is almost beyond everyone’s imagination for smartphone users. But, the iPhone offers a cool grip over cursor management. iPhone users can convert the keyboard into a trackpad.

All you have to do is to hard press the keyboard on the iPhone. And, the 3D touch technology will wake up to activate pressure sensitivity. When the keyboard turns into a trackpad, the characters will fade out. Apple has included this feature from its 6s variant, so every iPhone user can easily access the feature.


  • Add Words to the Dictionary?

The iPhone doesn’t support the feature of adding own words to its dictionary. Then, what’s the way out? We have got a hack for you. Save the words as contacts in your iPhone. As the words get saved on the list of Contacts, they will show up as suggestions when you type something similar to it. 

On the other hand, if the iPhone was rejecting any name that it couldn’t recognize, now the phone will accept the typing. Additionally, you need not write the entire name or the text again and again. 


  • Capitalize with a Swipe

You can’t overlook the significance of capital letters while typing texts. However, turning on and off the Shift key can confuse you and the typing takes longer than it should. Now, you need not tap the Shift key individually, when you want a single capital letter. Just swipe your finger from the Shift key towards the letter that you want it to be in capital form. And, when you release your finger voilà! That letter turns out to be in capital form. 


  • Dictate your Message

Who says that you have to use the keyboard for typing every time? Switch on the attached Microphone icon attached to the keyboard. With the brilliant realization of speech-to-text technology, your dictation will appear on the iPhone screen, but as a text. When you are done, just press the Done button.

Explore More Keyboard Facilities with iPhone…

Apple tends to release plus-sized iPhones. And, users might find it difficult to type with a big screen and a comparatively smaller keyboard. Change the orientation to landscape for smooth typing speed. Double or triple-tap to select, copy and paste text snippets. Moreover, you can install trusted third-party keyboard software to get most out of your iPhone.


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