What Factors Affect The Size Of A Penis?

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Like every other organ of the body, the penis also increases in size naturally with the passage of time. The genes you inherit from your male parents are used in the development of the penis.

271647 male urinary system resize 25But humans have always been inclined to advancements. Men who wish for an increase in their penis length look for methods that satisfy their desires while those who wish to keep it natural think of factors that affect the size of the penis.  

However, these factors can be distributed between internal and external factors respectively and can differ as a whole or in some aspect between the men of the same family. Therefore, there’s a high possibility that your father or brother may have an unusual penis size while you have the right size.

Whatever the case may be, having the right penis size is extremely important for many factors, and for that buying a penile traction device online is a worthy decision. With boosting sexual performance, erectile function, confidence in moving, the right average penis size determines that you’re genetically perfect throughout.  

NINTCHDBPICT000560557167 resize 54These are some of the more factors that affect penis size:  

  • Puberty: As soon as a male body hits puberty, the production and release of testosterone hormone take place at a rapid speed. These hormones are responsible for the development of normal size, healthy penis but lack or incomplete production of testosterone may highly affect the penis size, making it genetically abnormal by birth.  
  • Environment: Environment plays a major role in how we grow and look. Harmful pollutants such as plastics, pesticides, inorganic salts in the surrounding can inhibit the production of testosterone hormone. Not only does this disrupt the production and release of such important reproductive growth hormones but may also show genetical penis impairment in male infants and adolescents.  
  • Diet: What we eat is what we are, the same formula implies when it comes to the development of the penis. Eating junk, unprocessed, or chemically formulated food products can delay puberty as well as the development of your penis. Malnutrition in male adolescence is called anorexia which brings several diseases with it in which deceased penis size is one of the most concerning ones.  
  • Genetics: Genetics is the most prominent factor out of all of these. If your male parent has a shorter penis or an extraordinary increase penis length then you may also most probably have the same length penis at your early age or after you pass the puberty period. Similarly, many types of penis abnormalities are also normally transferred from the male parent to the male offspring.  


Squash 1296x728 header resize 88This was a short summed up guide explaining what are some factors that can affect the size of your penis in case you’re looking for a treatment to get normal penis size, Before you go with and penis length correction or start using a penile traction device, make sure you’re aware of these factors or stop those to help those methods produce efficient results.

However, stretching, jelqing, or other penis exercises can also increase the length of your penis effectively. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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