Why Proxy Servers Are Essential For Your Business Marketing?

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I can still remember the time when sneakers were a hot commodity and collectors would do anything to get their hands on extremely rare pairs. Sellers often limited their customers to one pair of rare sneakers per person. Well, that’s what they thought.

In order for me to grab two rare pairs of sneakers, I had to find proxy servers to hide my identity from the seller. Call them sneaker proxies if you want. I was able to grab those pairs that I really wanted. I waited for the price to blow up and then I sold them to collectors.

was ist ein proxy serverDiagram representation of how to use a sneaker proxy.

Easy money, right? I only had to use a proxy server to get what I wanted, and then I could resell them to collectors at a higher price. 

Now, these proxy servers have a much more complex use than what I used them for back in the day. From securing rare concert tickets to scaling up your business globally, proxy servers are essential to business success in today’s market.

What are proxy servers?

Laptop accessing data from cloud computers. Concepts big data analysis data miningTo put it simply, proxy servers are mediators between your company’s network and the internet. These proxy servers hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address from websites that you visit. Proxy servers reveal their own IP address instead, making yours untraceable. Thus the term proxy.

You can access data from restricted websites without the need to expose your identity. You can crawl the web risk-free and obtain the necessary data to improve your marketing and your business.

You can collect these data through web scraping. The types of data that you can scrape online are:

  • Website activity of your competitors
  • Market activity of the product and services of your competitor
  • Backlinks on their website
  • Keyword searches that your target market uses

These data can be used to stay a step ahead of your competitors. But accessing these data can harm your identity and your business reputation. Thus, proxy servers hide your identity and mask it with another IP address of their own.

Importance of proxy servers for your marketing

1. Do email marketing safely and risk-free

Businesses send emails as part of their email marketing campaign. These same companies receive tons of emails from prospects. Sometimes, companies also receive emails from random senders.

Some of these emails may contain URLs that link to malicious websites. And sometimes, your employees can be tricked and compromise your entire email marketing strategy.

With proxy servers, you can do email marketing safely without any worries of email sabotage. Proxy servers are able to detect emails with suspicious URLs. Your email system is protected when you use proxies.

2. Monitor your competition

how to get rid of the wordpress duplicate content resize 54Protect your IP address and your company’s identity when performing sensitive tasks online. You can monitor your competitor’s marketing practices without the risk of revealing your identity. You will just be another anonymous web crawler on their website.

If your competitors use social media heavily as their marketing strategy, analyze their practices and what makes this such an effective method for them. By doing so, you can implement what you have learned into your own marketing strategy.

Combining your marketing strategy with your competitor’s marketing strategy can help you obtain a better ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

While you crawl your competitor’s websites anonymously, proxy servers also protect your website from being crawled upon by proxies. It’s like getting two benefits for the price of one.

3. Avoid website crashing and speed up your website loading time

If your prospect lands on your landing page and they have to wait for more than 10 seconds for your page to load, they will just opt to leave your website and not come back at all. If you have a lot of visitors, this definitely hurts your marketing strategy. 

A crashing website will not help your marketing strategy — at all. Proxy servers are there to solve these kinds of problems. Proxies reroute your massive website traffic and allocate them into different servers so your main server will not overload and crash.

Proxies 1Proxies can store offline information (cache) for frequently used pages. Caching frequently loaded pages will speed up online browsing. This gives your users a lag-free experience that improves their user experience.

4. Gives access to geo-restricted websites

Some websites can only be viewed in specific parts of the world. What can be accessible in the US may be restricted from viewing for IP addresses located in other parts of the world. These are geo-restricted websites, and you can bypass them with proxy servers.

Companies often do geo-restriction because of competition, and to cater primarily to their geographical niche. The people that are mostly affected by this are those people traveling to different countries and those that are not using proxy servers.

Proxies allow you to change your location to virtually anywhere in the world. These geo-restricted websites can be accessible by changing your location to the country per the restriction. 

By accessing geo-restricted websites, you can also scout for other market opportunities outside your country. Geographical location will not be a hindrance to access data for your marketing strategies, all thanks to the power of proxy servers.

5. Do keyword research anonymously

If you want your target audience to view your content, you have to get your keywords right. This makes your website accessible to your audience when they plug in their queries on search engines.

Knowing the right keywords to put in your content can cost you a couple of hundred dollars for keyword research. Well, that’s a lot of money down the drain when you can do this task on your own. 

You can use your paid proxy instead and do keyword harvesting on your own. This saves you a lot of money which you can use in other aspects of your business.

Harvesting keywords can be made easy when you use automated web-scraping software. You’ll know what keywords you will need to use when you make your content. This gives you an advantage against your competitors.

You can identify which keywords your target market usually uses on search engines through keyword research on proxy servers. This way, you can make your content keyword rich and propel your marketing strategy forward while keeping your identity protected.

6. Adjust pricing based on your competitors

shutterstock 640006342Different products on the market have different price points, depending on the company and the cost of production. Another factor is the price that your competitors will set. You can adjust your prices accordingly based on your competitor’s price point. 

Again, you can access these data through web scraping. And you can do a lot from the data that you gather through web scraping. By knowing how your business competitors change their market price and how often they change it, you can put together a better marketing strategy. 

If you can find a pattern on when they give discounts or when they raise prices, you can adjust your prices and adapt to these changes to improve your position in the market. Also, if you have pricing and item information for newly released products, you’ll be able to take action to respond competitively. 

If you have managed to get your hands on these data, you will gain invaluable insight into their marketing strategy. You can even counter their efforts and convert their customers without the risk of exposing your identity.

7. Improve your social media presence

Social media has been a constant source of potential customers in the past few years. And it is only becoming more and more relevant over time.

Social media has always been used as a communication and advertising platform for marketing. By communicating with your prospects, you increase your chances of converting them to customers. What more could you accomplish if you had multiple accounts?

Managing multiple business accounts and sending requests online using only one IP address can be risky. Your accounts can be flagged as spam if you’re careless. Even worse, your IP address can be banned from the website.

These are risks your company does not want to take. So for this kind of strategy, you’ll need proxy servers, allowing you to have multiple servers that cannot be tracked back to your IP address.

You can access and manage different accounts at the same time without getting flagged as spam or getting completely banned from the website. Each account would come from a different server and a different IP address, effectively hiding your own IP address.

8. Expand your market, even overseas

Now that we know that proxy servers can change your location to virtually anywhere in the world, you can use this to expand your market. 

Ahis with proper keyword research in your target market and your business will be sustainable — even if you’re operating remotely.

Final word

If you want to improve your marketing strategy, you need to keep an eye on your competition’s actions and intentions–and keep an eye on your own strategies as well.  By using proxy servers the right way, you’ll accomplish both of these objectives. 

You will be able to maximize the potential of your business and make it more competitive by using proxy servers. Scrape your competitor’s data to improve your own marketing strategy and compete with the top brands in your niche. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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