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Over the past decade or so, the proliferation of mobile-based games has been among the major themes in the world for gaming. Especially in regions such as the Indian subcontinent, a significant majority of online gaming is now created on mobile.

The world’s largest gaming publishers have now been releasing products for mobile that are analogous to their products for PCs and consoles. This has led to an ever greater swarm of gamers on mobile, and this trend seems unlikely to cease in the coming years.

Cheap Data Provides for Endless Gaming

Perhaps the greatest reason behind this proliferation of online gaming on mobile has been the monumental reduction in data charges in the last five years. While broadband charges have also decreased significantly, mobile data in India is now the cheapest for any location in the world. All mobile operators have been providing economical data options, and the costs have only been decreasing with time.

Given that most hi-fidelity games on all operating systems require data to play, there is no doubt that decreased data costs have helped best mobile casinos in India to play better games for longer hours. The elements of data usage in games has been on the rise, for it is only through data that gamers can connect across borders and experience true multiplayer gaming.

And, it isn’t merely data either. Alongside the costs of data, the cost of smartphones have also been on the drop for a while now. With the same hardware technologies being available to low cost players in the smartphone market, phones with decent processing power and large memory are now available at a fraction of the price they would have had or more than even five years ago. 

With the two main prerequisites for mobile phone gaming – data and smartphones – available at such low costs, gamers defer investments into consoles and PC games in favour of sticking with their phones.

Large Players Enter the Mobile Gaming Scene

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Over the years, the console and PC gaming domain has come to be dominated by a few large players. Each genre of console gaming has a couple of extremely dominant games, played by thousands, if not millions, of players worldwide. Due to network effects, the greater the volume of players of a particular game, the greater the increase in this volume over time is.

However, certain markets have generally been averse to console gaming, due to reasons ranging from affordability to connectivity. During the early days of mobile gaming, several large players didn’t yet have apps for either Android or iOS, and the mobile gaming domain was dominated by completely different gaming publishers. However, in the past few years, large console and PC game publishers have been making leaps in the mobile gaming domain, releasing mobile phone versions of the world’s most popular PC games.

Improved Mobile Tech Another Reason for Gaming Proliferation

There’s no hiding the fact that thanks to improvements in electronics, mobile phone technology has undergone a sea change in the past few years. From simple phones with hardly any memory and limited storage to smartphones with as much memory and storage as you might have expected from a high-end computational device, the process has taken no more than 3-4 years. As a result of these advancements, smartphones have also become significantly more compatible with high quality graphics and complex gameplay, which require a decent amount of memory to load and play with.

As a result, the gaming experience has been enhanced significantly as compared to the old days, when realistic graphics were too good to be true of the small screens of smartphones. Large companies have also been more comfortable transferring their products onto small screens, since they no longer have to compromise on the quality of their graphics or gameplay.

Purchase Costs Drive Away Gamers

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Countries such as India do not currently have a culture of paying significant costs for purchases in games. Even though in-app purchases are possible inside games, gamers prefer to reap the most out of the features of games that are available for free.

In recent months, gaming companies have begun to realize the same to a greater extent. As a result, there are now multiple games that do contain in-app purchases, but do not make these purchases a prerequisite to progressing in the game. In-app purchase might provide you an edge over other players of the game but certainly do not ensure that you will always be ahead of them. The fact that gamers can progress through levels without having to pay a single penny attracts more gamers to mobile.

Mobile Gaming Still Fails to Match Consoles

Given all the above, it is still not fair to say that the mobile gaming experience is at par with that of gaming consoles or even PC. There is a reason that such hardware is still popular and the gaming PC and console market is at its highest point ever. There are certain titles that it is still impossible to replicate on smartphones. For these titles, the hardware requirements insist greater memory, and generally greater computational power and storage for them to work smoothly.

However, this doesn’t mean that mobile gaming isn;t catching up. As mentioned in previous sections, there is no disputing the fact that the growth in mobile gaming capabilities has been exponential, and this growth currently seems nowhere close to stalling. In fact, much to the contrary, smartphones specifically meant for gaming are now being created by traditional smartphone manufacturers as well as gaming PC makers. There is no greater realization of the potential of this market.

Additionally, there are certain gaming genres, such as traditional games like ludo and mobile casinos online, that are restricted to mobile phones alone. For gamers who are loyal to these genres, a move to consoles certainly seems unlikely in the near future. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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