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What is the secret to getting reviews online? You can always ask Trust Analytica for their views. They have worked with many sites over the years, so know how to handle site reputation.

The secret is different for different businesses. You should look at as many of your competitors as possible to see how they handle online reviews. 

The most basic way to get more online reviews is to make the process as easy as possible. Yes, the internet is forever giving people a way to leave reviews for all kinds of sites and businesses. This is not the same as you making it easy for your customers to leave reviews! Ideally you should have them leaving reviews on your own site.

First of all, you should make sure that leaving a reviews is as easy as possible. Why not try to set things up so that customers are prompted to leave a review after checkout? It would be the perfect time – the customer has finished their business, they are likely in a good mood. You can swoop in and show them a screen asking for a review. You do need to be careful though – don’t make it seem as if you think you are owed a review. The best way to do this would likely be to put a link on the screen, and ask people to leave reviews if they feel like it.

Once you have people coming to leave reviews, your next step is to make it as easy as possible. Don’t keep them waiting for a long time, because they will just leave! Make sure that when people click the link to leave a review, they can do so. You don’t want to annoy people just as they may potentially be leaving a good review!

Just getting reviews isn’t enough, of course. The internet has given rise to many review sites, yes, but you aren’t completely powerless in all this. You have the ability to reply to reviews. This is in fact what you should do! People like to feel heard. They like to feel that people are engaging with them. If people see that you are actively engaging with people who leave reviews, they will feel better about your services. This can then lead to them using your services, and in turn leaving good reviews. Talking to people is a huge part of getting good reviews.

Finally, to get good reviews you need to actually listen to what people are saying. You may have set your business up to take advantage of a certain niche. You do have to listen to your customers, though. If they are telling you that something is wrong, you should listen. This is the next step after responding to reviews: taking them on board. If you never respond to customer concerns, they will eventually go somewhere else.

If you don’t listen to people, they will only leave bad reviews for you. You need to show people that you listening to them. Make changes to your business according to what people say.

Customers will love that you are listening to them. They will come back, and hopefully bring more people with them. Making visible changes means that you are taking reviews seriously – this can lead to more positive reviews in the future. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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