In order to regulate free flow of traffic as well as pedestrian movement in connection with the ongoing Charminar Pedestrian Project, traffic restrictions are to be imposed for a period of 6 months at various localities in and around Charminar.

Police said that the traffic coming from northern side of Charminar i.e. from Madina to Gulzar House would not be allowed towards the Charkaman stretch to reach Charminar, it will be diverted from Gulzar house either to Sher-E-Batil Kaman towards Ghansi Bazar / Chela pura or towards the Etabar chowk to reach their destinations. i.e. Nagulchinta / Engine Bowli / MBNR cross roads.

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Motorists coming from eastern side i.e from Alija Kotla towards Chowk Maidan Khan would not allowed towards the Sardarmahal stretch to reach Charminar it will be diverted from Chowk Maidan Khan towards Hafiz Danka Mosque, Moghal Pura Water Tank to reach their destinations, (Akkana Madanna Cross road – Hari bowli – Chatrinaka – Lal Darwaza and Akanna Madanna – Himmatpura –Shahlibanda etc.) Traffic from southern side i.e from MBNR X roads, Falaknuma Nagulchinta, will be diverted at Himmatpura Junction (either Hari Bowli Bela road or Kihilwat Volga Hotel), and the traffic will not allowed from the point of Punch Mohalla towards Charminar and diverted towards the Shah Function Hall road to reach their destinations. i.e Moosabowli / City Collage Bahadurpura High Court Nayapool etc.

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Traffic from western side i.e from Moti Galli would not be allowed towards Ladbazaar or Charminar. It will be diverted from Ladbazar western side from Motigalli towards Khilwat road. #KhabarLive Protection Status

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