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Always remember – a new day and a new life start with a good healthy and delicious breakfast. It gets you the energy, and the mood to go through the entire day.

Being the first meal of the day, it should be packed with all nutrients that your body needs. India has a wide variety to a platter when it comes to Breakfast. Talk about the south Indian breakfast and your heart starts to crave for some.

Whenever people are in a new city, they generally have to scratch their heads to find some good restaurants for a delicious breakfast. Hyderabad is a perfect place if you are looking to have some good South Indian Breakfast. Not just South Indian breakfast, the city offers wide variety of breakfasts as well. Many couples plan their weekend getaway by booking a couple friendly hotel at Hyderabad and enjoying a heartwarming breakfast buffet at some famous places. Hyderabad is a to-go place for many food bloggers and solo travelers who stay by booking hotels in hourly basis or dayuse hotels to enjoy the cuisine. Here, we have compiled 12 great places for you to visit and enjoy a hearty, delicious, and healthy breakfast when you are at Hyderabad.

Ram ki Bandi

ram ki bandi

Commonly known as the best dosa point in the city, Ram ki Bandi is one of the hotspots for People around Hyderabad who get up early or early morning walkers. They stop here to get a taste of delicious dosas, idlis coated with homemade spicy powder topped with butter and ghee. It opens as early as 3 am and serves breakfast until 8 am. IF you are booking a hotel in Hyderabad especially near Nampally area, then this place is a must go for breakfast.

Famous for– Cheese Butter Dosa and Idli

Cost– INR 150 for 2 people

Address– Opposite Karachi Bakery, Mozamjahi Market, Nampally, Hyderabad

Pragati tiffin centre


Since it is located near to Pragati College, most of the population coming to this place is college students. It is often categorized as “Hidden Treasure” by Zomato. It is pocket friendly as well as finger-licking good.

Famous for-Paneer Dosa, Butter Dosa

Cost– INR 150 for 2 people

Address– Opposite Pragathi College, Sultan Bazar, Hanuman Tekdi, Koti, Hyderabad



Ofen is one of the common cafes in the city which serves a healthy and delicious breakfast. They are specialized in serving some good American breakfast like pancakes. They also serve Italian dishes such as cheese pasta. It opens around 8 am and continues till 11 pm. If you are staying at a hotel in Hyderabad, especially near Banjara Hills area, then this place is a must visit for a good English Breakfast.

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Famous for– American breakfast, cakes, pasta, pancakes

Cost– INR 1000 for 2 people

Address– Road 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Café Niloufer

cafe niloufer

Café Niloufer is a perfect place for the early risers who go on for jogging or work. The café opens at about 4 am with hot piping tea. Started in the year 1975, this café has more of Irani style and serves Irani food such as Irani Chai, Puffs, Osmania biscuits, and Malai Bun. They have their bakery and make fresh bakery products every day.

Famous for -: Irani Chai and the Malai Bun

Cost– INR 150 for 2 people

Address– Red Hills, Near Niloufer Hospital, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad

The Roastery Coffee House

roustary coffee house

The Roastery Coffee house serves a gourmet style of breakfast and is a very popular specialty coffee roaster in Hyderabad. The ambiance is more of a high-end architectural home since the café is made out of a house. The coffee that it serves is a specialty coffee mixed with artisanal coffee. It also serves cheese and chicken sandwiches and some side dishes.

Famous for– Coffee, spinach corn sandwich, cappuccino, chicken sandwich

Cost– INR 700 for 2 people

Address– House 418, Road 14, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad



If you want to have some delicious waffles in your breakfast, then WOFL is the place for you. Apart from waffles, they also serve some western breakfast dishes like burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, and omelets. If you are in Hyderabad, then this place is a must-visit. A perfect place for a breakfast date for the couples who are enjoying their weekend getaway at a couple friendly hotel in Hyderabad.

Famous for– Blueberry waffle, cheese, and mushroom French toast

Cost– INR 700 for 2 people

Address– Multiple outlets throughout Hyderabad

Truffles Café


Now, people who don’t get up early, this place is for you. Truffles café is well known in the city for its late breakfast options. It serves delicious English breakfast such as baked bread, bacon rolls, etc. The café also has bakes their bread and rolls fresh daily. So, honeymoon couples can take a step out from their couple friendly hotel in Hyderabad and visit this beautiful place for some late Breakfast or Brunch.

Famous for– Crispy bacon roll, hash browns, and eggs

Cost– INR 1200 for 2 people

Address– Plot 376, Road 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad



Chutney’s is one of the very famous vegetarian restaurant chains in the country and it has a very elaborate breakfast spread. In Hyderabad itself, it has 8 outlets. Being specialized in serving South Indian vegetarian breakfast, it serves delicious dosas and idlis of all varieties. But, the unique thing about this place is the different kinds of Chutney that they serve with their food like coconut, mango, tomato, chili, etc. A vacation to Hyderabad is incomplete without visiting this place. If you are staying at a hotel in  Hyderabad, then make sure to take your entire family for a hearty breakfast at Chutney’s. The experience will be worth remembering.

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Famous for– The Guntur Idli with the various chutneys

Cost– INR 1000 for 2 people

Address– Multiple locations throughout Hyderabad

Minerva Coffee Shop

minnerva 1

It is one of the famous coffee shops in the city serving very good quality South Indian Coffee. Apart from that it also serves some well-known South Indian dishes that gather immense crowds from all over the city.

Famous for– The filter coffee and the vadas

Cost– INR 1000 for 2 people

Address– Multiple locations throughout Hyderabad



If you are looking for some delicious North Indian breakfast buffet in the city of Hyderabad, then Bikanervala is the place for you. It is specialized in serving buttered parathas. Apart from parathas, it is also famous for offering chaat and samosas. They also serve pickle on the side which is finger-licking good. It opens around 7 am until 11 pm. If you are staying at a hotel in Hyderabad, especially near Banjara Hills, make sure to visit this place for some delicious snacks.

Famous for– Gobi Mooli paratha served with pickle and curd, Rabdi Falooda

Cost-INR 1000 for 2 people

Address– Basheer Bagh and Banjara Hills

Beyond Coffee

beyond coffee

Beyond coffee, the restaurant is much more than just a restaurant. It combines a boutique art gallery with a café. It has one of the best ambiances in the city with a beautiful painting and experience. It is an indoor space with a green patio and terrace. Apart from coffee and tea, it serves delicious pizza and pasta as well.

Famous for– Cutting chai and the Donatello Pizza

Cost-INR 850-1250

Address– Multiple locations throughout Hyderabad

Seasonal Tastes ‘The Westin’


If you want to go for a breakfast date with your partner or celebrate a very happy occasion through breakfast, then this is the perfect place for you. Seasonal tastes the Westin is one of the high-end restaurants at Hyderabad that serve an extravagant platter of breakfast. The breakfast buffet offered here is like a royal treat to you. As the saying goes, “Eat breakfast like a king”, seasonal tastes let you do so in the best way. Many couples who plan they honeymoon and stay at a couple friendly hotel in Hyderabad, make sure to visit this place for a delicious and peaceful breakfast date.

Famous for– Sandwiches and the pasta

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Cost– INR 2500 for 2 people

Address– The Westin, Mindspace IT Park, Hitech City, Hyderabad

Roastery Coffee‘Roastery Coffee’ Introduces Balur Estate Limited Edition Thick Bed Honey Coffee In Hyderabad

Roastery Coffee, one of the best speciality coffee roasters with cafes in Hyderabad and Kolkata, has introduced Balur Estate Limited Edition Thick Bed Honey Coffee that comes from one of the most well-known coffee plantations, Balur Estate, in Karnataka.

It is a Limited Edition coffee, perfect for Pour Over and AeroPress brew lovers, as well as for all discerning coffee aficionados with notes of bubblegum and stone fruit in it, giving it a dash of exotic, fruity and refreshing flavor.

“Thick bed” is a technique where coffee is handpicked and then dried on a thick bed to retain more moisture which results in slow drying and develops sweeter characters in coffee. The beans are roasted light to lend the notes of bubblegum and stone fruits, which makes for an interesting combination. The rare taste of Bubblegum in your coffee lends it a unique character.

Roastery Coffee brings to you fresh, seasonal coffee sourced from the best coffee farms across India. It is one of the finest brands of artisanal Coffee and offers a wide range of coffees, each brewed differently. The Balur Estate Limited Edition Thick Bed Honey coffee is a new addition to brand’s already existing range of special edition variants which include Harley Estate Grapa, Monsoon Malabar, Thogarihunkal Estate Honey Sun Dried Coffee, Carbonic Maceration (Harley Estate), to name a few.

Balur Estate has been a 400-acre coffee plantation since the 1840s. Today, it is under the responsible stewardship of fourth-generation coffee planters. What makes Balur Estate coffee so unique is its location and elevation. Balur Estate coffee is processed with the utmost attention at each processing stage from picking to milling. Every bean by hand, manually harvested only when the fruits are cherry red, and no mechanical harvesting is used that would mix bitter green beans in with matured red fruit. State of the art machinery and skilled workers are employed to ensure coffee that is consistently defect-free.

Different methods of coffee processing are explored at the estate and the phrase “quality from crop to cup” best describes the planning and operation of Balur Estate coffee.

So visit Roastery Coffee House in Hyderabad and Kolkata for a perfectly brewed cup of limited edition Balur Estate Thick Bed Honey Coffee or order online for brewing pleasure at home.

  • Price range: INR 400 -750
  • Available at : https://www.roasterycoffee.co.in

Hyderabad: Roastery Coffee House, 8/2/287/12, House 418, Road 14, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

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