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Who doesn’t like clicking photographs? Either as a group or solo ones, everybody loves making and freezing memories. And with all that we click going onto Instagram and other social media platforms, knowing how to strike a decent pose has become necessary. #KhabarLive talks to Hyderabad’s top-notch models and influencers, who share basic tips on how to pose right, so get clicking!

20210208 004606You are perfect, you are beautiful the way you are! Almost everyone today, carries a camera in their pocket and clicks tonnes of pictures, all for the tech-savvy world. But, but, but — posing for a photo is an important skill too? The idea is not to appear like a runway model but you can always portray yourself in a flattering light, looking all glammed up. “Posing is not that hard, confidence is all that you need. When I began my career, I wasn’t a trained model either. Sometimes, you don’t know what to do with your face while posing and a smile does the trick away!

Also, when you continue to collaborate for more photos, it helps you enhance your dexterity too. Wear comfortable clothes, carry yourself like a diva, and get ready for showtime. What’s my plus-point you ask? My expressions! The aura that’s urbanised around me while I shoot for photoshoots, it spreads so much positivity in me that my poses come out so well. Aim for the vibe,” shares Monal Gajjar, who has recently performed a special song in Alludu Adhurs after her massive stint in Bigg Boss 4.

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Stunning close-ups
To paraphrase Madonna, strike a pose! Approaching the genre of close-up shots, we have the city’s much-talked-about lifestyle influencer who manages to stand out in all her pictures with ease. The more self-assured you are, the better the close-ups will be, believes Bhavana Rao.

Boosting poise by using some spirited makeup in her clicks, the Hyderabad-based influencer asserts one must know their angles too well to make their pictures pop! “The right profile is all that materialises the scene, perhaps. Don’t slouch. I have never prepped myself and gone for a collab, it is all spontaneous. If I vibe, I vibe to the music, it is so mandatory for me to create a favourable mood. Also, lighting is pertinent — nobody knows your intricate features other than you,” she shares.

BLoCSmallBusiness.jpeg resize 15 1Adding more to what defines beauty for her while striking a pose, she states, “Being comfortable in your own skin is what beauty is all about. Girls shouldn’t feel convinced about themselves only when they apply make-up, as I have seen many young girls falling prey to more insecurities.” Don’t ever feel pressured to look beautiful while posing!

The fusion
The elegant Miss Iconic India 2019 from Hyderabad, Ankita Chatterjee is all about going natural for the indo-western clicks that she’s into. From posing with the right ambience, backdrop, and to giving it a candid touch with multiple outfits at once, the fashionista knows how to work closely when it comes to posing. Keeping it all stylish, she is of the opinion that your poses go in accordance to the outfit you’re wearing.

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“Suppose, you are posing for a red-carpet event and wearing a fluttering gown, don’t make it an awkward undertaking. Make it look all easy! Having an arsenal of poses will get you a perfect shot that’ll make rounds in page 3 columns as effortless photos come naturally. While posing for an indo-western look specifically, your pose should be as such that it reflects the blend. Stand up tall, shoulders back and practice your beaming smile with self-belief by your side,” shares the young and lively fashion model who originally hails from Kolkata.

Breathtaking couple
“With everyone sharing snapshots of their couple photoshoots these days, I usually give my clientele a theme and three key questions about their personal lives that engrosses them in their own mood and helps me click their candid moods. The camera does all the magic then! Also, to photograph a pair according to the disposition of seasons is what I am known for. For instance, it’s winter and I am sure, pulsating colourful outfits are going to compliment poses so well,” Arpita Patel aka the passionographer on Instagram, the city’s well-known wedding photographer shares insights about adorable couple poses.

Wedding photography is a booming business these days, especially due to the target themed photoshoots couples like to have that go viral at any point of time. From asking the couples to hug normally as they would to keeping their faces closer, many poses have been making headlines off late.

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BLOCLEO.jpeg resize 75Engaging, traditional 
After choosing an ethnic attire, draping it on you, applying extensive makeup, a hairdo session, what’s the next step? An elaborate look book for it! Fashion influencer Divya Pandey, who has a colossal fan base on social media, takes you through a memorable souvenir of a cultural photo print and to pose for one.

“Happy pictures create happy memories, have your backdrop, frame and posture checked. For Indians, we have festivals keep coming up every now and then, and a traditional photoshoot is a must! Flaunt the glitter and shimmer, play with your jewellery and colours. Add your signature style to it all,” Divya suggests.

For the crowd
International fashion model Mustafa Dawood from Hyderabad who has walked for high brands like Rochs Paris, Fengchen Wang, Harrods Man, Vogue, etc. has some tips to share: “Pose for the crowd. Don’t place your hands in front, it tends to cover your designer label and the story behind it. Try posing without your hands inside your pockets, prefer posing with a firm stance. Give the photographer the chance to cover you from bottom to top.” #KhabarLive #hydnews

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