The internal conflict within the leaders of TDP is posing a major challenge to seasoned politician Chandrababu. While Chandrababu is waging a war with the Centre and also running the state government, he is also facing issues with the party leaders that is worrying many of the TDP party activists, supporters.

Bhuma Vs AV Subba Reddy (Kurnool District)
The ongoing episode of minister Bhuma Akhila Priya versus senior leader AV Subba Reddy in Allagadda of Kurnool district is one major issue that is irking Chandrababu. Although Naidu intervened into the issue, the peace between Akhila Priya and AV Subba Reddy seems too far since tempers raised among two groups.

Ganta Vs Ayyanna Patrudu (Visakhapatnam District)
The feud between ministers Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Ch Ayyanna Patrudu from Visakhapatnam district is yet another embarrassing situation for the TDP supremo. Although both are from various constituencies, their strained relationship may have a telling effect on district’s politics in 2019 polls.

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SV Mohan Reddy Vs TG Bharath (Kurnool District)
Yet another instance is again from Kurnool district. There is a huge contest between sitting MLA SV Mohan Reddy and the strong challenger Tumbalam Gooty Bharat, famously known as TG Bharat, son of TG Venkatesh. Although the general elections are well over 1 year, the Kurnool people and TDP leaders are getting curious as to who the ruling party would finalize as the candidate.

Karanam Balaram Vs Gottipati Ravi (Prakasam District)
Veering towards Prakasam, senior leader Karanam Balaram versus young leader Gottipati Ravi has been clashing from longtime. With both these leaders are trying for one-upmanship over other, naturally, there is a heated atmosphere.

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Varla Ramaiah Vs Uppuleti Kalpana (Krishna District)
Varla Ramaiah and Pamarru MLA Uppuleti Kalpana who jumped into TDP from YSRCP. Since Uppuleti Kalpana had defeated Varla Ramaiah in 2014 general elections, naturally, Ramaiah has been fuming over Kalpana’s induction into TDP. Ahead of polls, there’s a tough competition between Ramaiah and Kalpana.

Adinarayana Reddy Vs Rama Subba Reddy (Kadapa District)
In Kadapa district, the cold war between minister Adinarayana Reddy and Rama Subba Reddy is well-known. The duo is battle buddies. Jammalamadugu Adinarayana Reddy, who won on YSRCP, switched his loyalties to TDP and even inducted into cabinet. This has upset his long-time rival, former minister Ponnapureddy Ramasubba Reddy. This is yet another tricky situation for Naidu to handle.

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Chand Basha Vs Venkata Prasad (Anantapur District)
Notwithstanding the fact that TDP has a strong foothold in Anantapur district, the battle between Kadiri MLA Attar Chand Basha and Kandikunta Venkata Prasad is irking Naidu. YSRCP’s Chand Basha who won over Venkata Prasad had won with a tender margin of only 1000 votes in 2014 polls and subsequently joined TDP. Basha had played active role in TDP before 2014 but jumped to YSRCP when he was denied ticket in 2014. After winning, Basha returned to TDP and this is not going down well with K Venkata Prasad.

On the whole, the Antaryuddham in TDP may turn a great difficulty for the party in the next elections. It needs to be seen how Chandrababu would handle the aforementioned issues. #KhabarLive

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